Which DC Hero Has the Best Super Power for Comic-Con?

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

July 19, 2019

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San Diego Comic-Con is here again, and DC Universe has a ton of cool swag, news, and surprises in store for members. Cons can be a great place to connect with your fellow comic book lovers, but they can also be a little overwhelming, especially if you've never attended one before. With all the lines, crowds, and craziness, sometimes it might seem like having a super power would come in handy just to make the con a little less stressful. So in honor of the biggest con of them all, this week's annual San Diego Comic-Con, we've selected four of our favorite DC TV characters packing powers that could make Comic-Con even more fun. Read up on the heroes and their powers below and then take our poll on which DC hero has the best super power for Comic-Con!



Miss Martian from 'Young Justice'




Miss Martian's shapeshifting makes it a snap for her to do the best cosplaying this side of Mars! Plus, she can just go invisible and sneak into any cool panels that get filled to capacity.



Adam Strange from 'Krypton'




Getting to a Con can be a hassle -- a plane to a car to schlepping around and finally waiting in a long, long line. Adam can skip all that noise and just Zeta Beam himself right to where he wants to be.



Beast Boy from 'Titans'




It's easy to buy your weight in toys, games, and comics at a con, but carrying around all that swag can be a real pain in the neck. Unless of course, you can just change yourself into a heavy-lifting beast of burden like Beast Boy can. Pack mule? Gorilla? Elephant? Gar's got it covered!



Cyborg from 'Doom Patrol'




Running around all day can really drain your phone's battery, especially when you've just gotta upload all the pics you've been taking. Fortunately, Cyborg can pretty much run forever, so he can keep Instagramming all weekend. BONUS: bring a charging cable to plug into Vic and he'll keep your phone juiced too!



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