What's New This Week on DC Universe

Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz

Oct. 30, 2018


Are you curious as to what new comics are coming to DC Universe this week? Well, we've got the scoop on just which titles are heading your way...


The most notable arrival this week is the follow-up to Batman: The Long Halloween, titled Batman: Dark Victory. This 14-issue limited series (first published in 1999-2000) explored the aftermath of the so-called "Holiday Killer" murder spree that rocked Gotham City for a full year. It also saw Batman take on his partner Robin for the very first time! Brought to you by the same creative team behind The Long Halloween, writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale, Dark Victory is a truly worthy follow up to that classic. Read this beloved tale of the Dynamic Duo starting on October 29th right here.


And if you haven't had the chance to read the original Batman: The Long Halloween series, worry not. You still have a chance to read this classic tale and enjoy Dark Victory in one sitting! All thirteen issues of Batman: The Long Halloween are still available on DC Universe through November 5th. What better way to celebrate All Hallow's Eve than with Batman and his legendary rogues gallery?


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