What's New on DC Universe: It's AQUAMAN Week!

Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz

Dec. 19, 2018


Ladies and gentlemen, it is finally Aquaman week, as this Friday, December 21st, James Wan's epic cinematic adaptation of the undersea hero finally hits theaters everywhere. But before you check out Jason Momoa's portrayal of King Arthur of Atlantis, be sure to read Geoff Johns' New 52 Aquaman saga "The Trench", in which Aquaman must find his place in the world while battling a host of flesh-eating monsters. This classic tale features amazing art by fan-favorite creator Ivan Reis and helped inspire the new film. So don't miss it!


And since we're celebrating all things Atlantean, we have two polls this week that are all about the King of the Seven Seas. First, we ask "Which Aquapet Would You Want For Your Very Own?" Is it the seahorse Storm? The octopus Topo? What about good old Tusky the Walrus?! Plus...  Over the years there have been many versions of Arthur Curry, from Atlantean family man to hook-handed tough guy, so we want to know "Which Version of Aquaman Rules Your Atlantis?" The first of these two polls is now live, and the second will go live this Friday the 21st, at 9AM PST.   


If you're looking for something to watch during your next holiday gathering or while wrapping or unwrapping presents this season, we here at DC Universe have a little something special for you. Check out our exclusive DC Universe Holiday Yule Log!


The first season finale of Titans will arrive on Friday, December 21st. You can watch the trailer for the Titans finale ("Dick Grayson") here. When you watch the episode, be sure to stay for the post-credits scene for a very special surprise we think you'll love.


And don't forget, DC Universe is bringing the fun this holiday season by giving subscribers exclusive access to the chilly arctic north in The Fortress of Sweepstakes! Make sure to check out our news page every day from now until December 24th, and enter to win one of 10 mystery prizes based on some of the most iconic characters in the DC Universe!


Just how excited are you to take a deep dive into the kingdom of Atlantis? Be sure to let us know in our Community!