This Week on DC DAILY: Zehra Fazal -- YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS' Halo!

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Jan. 29, 2019


Did you catch DC Daily this week? Each day the show brings exclusive content curated just for DC fans. This week featured a chat with Halo voice actress Zehra Fazal, interviews with top DC creators, video game chats, and more! Here are some of the highlights...

On Monday, January 21st, the DC Daily panel (Markeia McCarty, Sam Humphries, Hector Navarro, Harley Quinn Smith, and Whitney Moore) spoke about episodes 4 through 6 of Young Justice: Outsiders. The group talked about some of their favorite moments, and how absolutely in love with Forager they are. Rich Howard, host of Whelmed: The Young Justice Files podcast, came by to talk about some of the Easter eggs they might have missed. Did you know that the sword Sensei used against Superboy was the powerful X-Ionizer blade? Rich also clued viewers in about the secret message that can be found within season 3’s episode titles.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, the DC Daily panel (Sam Humphries, Markeia McCarty, Samm Levine, John Kourounis, and Clarke Wolfe) sat down to chat about the animated movie Superman Unbound. The gang talked about how Supergirl was adapting to life on Earth and made many jokes about how attractive the population of Metropolis was. “Me-HOT-polis," Clarke joked. The panelist also enjoyed shrunken Lois flipping Brainiac off. “It was peak human," Markeia laughed.

On Wednesday, January 23rd,  Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell were interviewed on the latest book from Bendis' Wonder Comics imprint -- Naomi. The comic spotlights a girl whose life is turned upside down when an appearance from Superman encourages her to investigate her own origins. Next, the DC Daily panel (John Kourounis, Whitney Moore, Clarke Wolfe, Hector Navarro, and Samm Levine) chatted about the animated movie Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. There was a lot to take in from this movie, which features Big Barda, the Female Furies, and super-sized powers for Supergirl.

On Thursday, January 24th, Whitney Moore sat down with Zehra Fazal, who voices the fan-favorite character Halo on Young Justice: Outsiders. Like the fans, Zehra also noticed that Halo has a frequent habit of coming back from the dead. “She does die a lot," Zehra laughed. "Greg (Weisman), do you have a death wish against me?" Zehra also demonstrated the evolution of Halo’s voice, and talked about how important representation is. “As a Muslim woman myself," Zehra said, "growing up as a consumer of media, I didn’t see a lot of people who looked like me..."

Speaking of Young Justice, the DC Daily panel (Hector Nevarro, Harley Quinn Smith, Markeia McCarty, and Sam Humphries) had a chat about Young Justice: Outsiders episodes 7 through 9. Many on the panel were huge fans of Forager, but Sam Humphries was harder to impress. “Forager is a little overrated. He’s not that great,” Sam teased; which resulted in DC Daily’s first-ever pillow fight. (Hey, Sam had it coming.) Rich Howard and Neal Powell from Whelmed: The Young Justice Files podcast returned to talk about the hidden gems fans may have missed. Do you know the significance of the number 16 and why it’s in every Young Justice episode? Rich and Neal break that down that, and so much more...

On Friday, January 25th, Rich Howard joined the DC Daily panel (Hector Navarro, Samm Levine, and Markeia McCarty) to talk about the Young Justice: Legacy video game. While the gang played, Rich told them how the video game bridges the gap between Young Justice season 1 and Young Justice: Invasion. Afterwards, DC writers Steve Orlando and Cecil Castellucci joined the DC Daily panel (John Kourounis, Markeia McCarty, and Brian Tong) to discuss some of the latest bits of DC news, like the first pictures of Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor, the retirement of George Perez, and the best comics they read this week. Be sure to check out what they had to say.

If you missed any of this goodness, don’t forget that DC Daily streams every day exclusively here on DC Universe. Next week will also have plenty of surprises, so make sure you check it out. After all, you never know who might stop by the couch...

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