This Week on DC DAILY: TITANS Together!

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Dec. 31, 2018


Did you catch the new episodes of DC Daily this past week? DC Universe subscribers were surprised with a bonus Saturday episode, a Titans cast reunion, an exclusive preview of Young Justice: Outsiders, and other bits of fandom fun! Here are some of the highlights...


The fun started on Saturday, December 22nd, when the DC Daily panel (Clarke Wolfe, Sam Humphries, Samm Levine, Markeia McCarty, and Hector Nevarro) came together for a special weekend episode, in which they covered the Titans season 1 finale “Dick Grayson”. The panel discussed Dick’s dream life, the brutality of Batman, and yes, all of the Easter eggs. Markeia’s sharp eye caught the fact Batman’s ice gun probably belonged to Mr. Freeze, while the panel realized how much they liked the Dick/Dawn paring when it was portrayed in this dreamlike form. “This episode is changing us all," Markeia said, after the others chimed in on Dick/Dawn. The last recap of Titans season 1 was emotional, but, like most of us, the panel can’t wait for season 2.


On Monday, December 24th, Hector Nevarro was joined by actors Ryan Potter (Beast Boy), Curran Walters (Jason Todd), Conor Leslie (Donna Troy), and Alan Ritchson (Hawk) for an epic Titans reunion show. All four cast members were the first to play their characters in live-action, so they brought some interesting perspectives, as well as fun behind-the-scenes stories. Alan was shocked to learn he and Ryan shared the same stunt-person. Burning questions were answered, and it was finally confirmed that the epic dinner spread from “Doom Patrol” was real. “Oh yeah, I was sick by the end of the day," Ryan said as he remembered eating all that food. The episode ended with a surprise screening of the first few minutes of the Young Justice: Outsiders premiere episode.


After taking a couple of days off for the Christmas holiday (and Boxing Day), on Thursday, December 27th, the DC Daily panel (Hector Nevarro, Markeia McCarty, Sam Humphries, and Brian Tong) did a DC Book Club on the last 3 chapters of Batgirl: Year One. The panel discussed the glory of the villainous Condiment King, and chastised Dick Grayson for stealing that kiss from Barbara Gordon. “It’s kind of hot, not gonna lie…totally inappropriate," Markeia said. Have you read the book? If so, do you agree? 


On Friday, December 28th, the DC Daily panel (John Kourounis, Whitney Moore, Brian Tong, Markeia McCarty, and Sam Humphries) discussed the animated movie Batman vs. Robin, which gave Whitney a chance to defend “her boy” Damian Wayne. The panel examined Damian’s worth as a Robin and what he adds to the Bat mythos. It also proved Sam could recognize any Looney Tunes clip, no matter how short. The question was also raised if Batman and Talia make a good couple. “They work so well as a couple, that I never want them to get together," said Markeia (who had this week's most quotable lines), adding that the two would bring the world to its knees. 


If you missed any of the fun, don’t forget that DC Daily can be streamed every day right here on DC Universe. Make sure you check out what the show has in store -- you never know who might be stopping by the couch.


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