Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Dec. 2, 2018


If you haven’t been keeping up with DC Daily, then you’re missing out on some spectacular fandom fun! This week, the show featured writer Jeff Loveness, comic scribe Sean Murphy, and more DC luminaries! Here are some of the highlights...


On Monday, November 26th, Samm Levine’s Roadshowcase returned to the Warner Brothers archives to give us a look at some authentic super-villain weapons from the DC movies. Mr. Freeze’s ice-gun from “Batman and Robin” was included, and yes, Samm made his share of ice puns! Afterwards, Samm joined her fellow DC Daily panelists Hector Nevarro, Sam Humphries and Markeia McCarty to discuss Titans episode 7, “Asylum". The gang broke down Dick Grayson’s vision quest and pondered Beast Boy’s sudden dark turn.


On Tuesday, November 27th, Tiffany Smith introduced the Young Justice trailer and gave fans the scoop about the types of things DC Universe will be doing (like releasing enhanced episodes) to hype viewers up for the series' return. Later, John Kourounis interviewed fellow DC Daily panelist (and DC TV star) John Barrowman. The discussion was a pure nerd out, as the two reminisced on what it meant to grow up as a comic fan, and how it shaped their childhoods. Then, the DC Daily Panel (Hector Nevarro, Whitney Moore, Sam Humphries and Markeia McCarty) sat down on the couch for their next book club…this time discussing Robin: Year One. The chat was interesting, as the panelists debated the morality of Two-Face, and debated whether Batman had made the right decision by sidelining Dick Grayson.


On Wednesday, November 28th, Sean Murphy, writer of the popular Batman: White Knight, talked about his plans for next year's sequel, Batman: Curse of the White Knight. Azrael will be a big part of Sean’s next volume, and he hopes to one day bring Jason Todd into the saga. Exciting stuff! Afterwards, DC writer Jeff Loveness joined the DC Daily Panel (Samm Levine, Markeia McCarty, Brian Tong, and John Kourounis) to talk about 1978's Superman: The Movie. The panel had a thought-provoking dialogue on how the movie has held up after all these years, and compared it’s pacing to that of modern superhero movies. If you’re a fan of Superman: The Movie, you’ll definitely get something out of this discussion. 


On Thursday, November 29th, DC Daily featured a behind-the-scenes look at Titans. The cast and production team talked about the legacy of the show's characters, and how they were brought to life in live-action. The mini-featurette also included exclusive footage from the making of the show. Titans fans won’t want to miss this one! Next, the DC Daily Panel (Brian Tong, Harley Quinn Smith, Samm Levine and Clarke Wolfe) talked about the first episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and explained that although the show is geared towards kids, it's equally fun for adult fans. 


Finally, on Friday, November 30th, Jeff Loveness returned to give Hector Nevarro the scoop on the DC Nuclear Winter Special holiday anthology, for which he wrote a Flash story. Jeff also talked about Mysteries of Love in Space, a one-shot he’s written for next year which will focus on Lois making sense of Superman’s decision to have a secret identity. Afterwards, the DC Daily Panel (Clarke Wolfe, Whitney Moore, Sam Humphries, Markeia McCarty, and Samm Levine) broke down some of the biggest pieces of news for the week; including the title for the Birds of Prey movie and the Young Justice trailer. It was like chatting with your friends by the long boxes at your local comic shop!


If you missed any of the fun, you can stream all DC Daily episodes right here on DC Universe. DC Daily always has something new in store, so be sure to check it out next week – you never know who will stop by the couch.


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