This Week on DC DAILY: Nicolas Cage's SUPERMAN LIVES Suit Unveiled!

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Dec. 23, 2018


Did you catch DC Daily this week? As befitting the holidays, fans were gifted with plenty of exclusive content and surprises. Like video interviews with the cast of Aquaman, including star Jason Momoa, and the first-ever public unveiling of actor Nicolas Cage's Superman suit from the never-produced Tim Burton movie Superman Lives. And there was lots of the usual fandom fun all week. Here are the highlights...


On Monday December 17th, Tiffany Smith shared her interview with Aquaman director James Wan. “Jason takes out the jokey element of Aquaman”, Wan told Tiffany. If you’ve seen the movie, we’re pretty sure you agree! Next, the DC Daily panel (John Kourounis, Brian Tong and Whitney Moore) spoke with Mike Avila about his new book The Art and Making of Aquaman. Mike did some heavy research into the production of the Aquaman movie, and he gave DC Daily viewers some fascinating behind-the-scenes facts. Afterwards, Mike stuck around to join the DC Daily panel (Markeia McCarty, Samm Levine, Clarke Wolfe, Hector Nevarro, and Sam Humphries) for a discussion of Titans episode 10, “Koriand’r”. As cool as it was to see Kory’s spaceship, the panel was completely floored by Angela’s betrayal. Make sure you catch this segment, because Samm brought on a surprise Titans guest! 


On Tuesday December 18th, Tiffany Smith spoke with Patrick Wilson about his role as the Ocean Master in Aquaman. Patrick treated viewers to some insight onto Orm’s motivation and how he could be seen as sympathetic. Next, John Kourounis had a chat with DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan DiDio about DC’s accomplishments in 2018. Dan also teased 2019 as the “year of the villain." What does it mean? Afterwards, Dan joined the DC Daily panel (Hector Nevarro, Sam Humphries, and Whitney Moore) to talk with Marv Wolfman about his 50-year history with DC Comics. With over five decades of creating classic characters (like the New Teen Titans) you can bet Marv had stories to tell.


On Wednesday December 19th, Yahya Abdul-Mateen was interviewed by Tiffany Smith about playing the vengeful Black Manta in Aquaman. Yahya and Tiffany both geeked out over the suit, which weighs a hefty 100 pounds. Next, Hector Nevarro spoke with Marv Wolfman about his 1980 revival of the New Teen Titans and his Raven series. Afterwards, the DC Daily panel (Harley Quinn Smith, Sam Humphries, Hector Nevarro, Brian Tong, and Markeia McCarty) whet their appetite for the Aquaman movie by discussing the animated film Justice League: Throne of Atlantis


On Thursday December 20th, viewers were treated to some great behind-the-scenes footage from Titans as Brenton Thwaites talked about Dick Grayson’s season 1 journey. Afterwards, the DC Daily panel (Hector Nevarro, Harley Quinn Smith, Brian Tong, and Samm Levine) continued to celebrate Aquaman by talking about the Justice League episode “The Enemy Below”. The scene in which Aquaman sacrifices his own hand is crazy intense, and the panel paid it the proper respect.

On Friday December 21st, the entire DC Daily crew got together to give their thoughts on Aquaman. Don’t worry, their reviews were spoiler-free, especially since a few panelists weren’t able to see it yet, and didn’t want all the good stuff given away. Some awesome props from the movie were displayed on the DC Daily set, like Aquaman’s mighty trident! More footage was shown from Tiffany Smith’s visit to the Aquaman press junket, including interviews with Jason Momoa himself and Amber Heard. Jason talked about the reaction he got from the crew and his kids when he finally donned the full classic Aquaman costume. Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey gave a special performance of her ballad “Everything I Need", which can be heard in the Aquaman movie. Finally, the epic week was concluded with the unveiling of the mystery present which has spent many episodes hidden under it’s holiday wrapping paper. After much anticipation, the costume was revealed to be Nicholas Cage’s Superman suit from Tim Burton's never-made Superman Lives film. The suit has never left Warner Brothers Archives before, and now you can all get a good look at it!


If you haven’t watched any of this week's episodes, remember that full episodes DC Daily can be streamed every week right here exclusively on DC Universe. Although next week will be a holiday break, that doesn’t mean DC Daily is slowing down from giving fans great content. A special Titans reunion will air on Monday, along with other holiday-themed episodes throughout the week. Make sure you catch it, you never know who might be stopping by the couch! 


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