We Unpack the DOOM PATROL Season 2 Finale: “Wax Patrol”

Joe McCabe

Joe McCabe

Aug. 7, 2020


Imaginary friends, dismemberment, and a whole lot of wax! The latest episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol was certainly a memorable one. Season 2 concluded with a chilling confrontation against the Candlemaker, and we’ll never look at wax the same way again. Here’s our breakdown of “Wax Patrol.”





* In order to defeat the Candlemaker, the Doom Patrol were forced to confront their own childhood imaginary friends. Hilarity and horror ensued, and the Candlemaker was victorious, turning the team into wax statues. 


* Jane explored the depths of the Underground’s well, and found Miranda’s corpse, which raised some questions about who has been posing as Miranda for the past few weeks. 


* Despite Niles pleas, Dorothy decided to confront the Candlemaker on her own. The waxy monster grabbed young Dorothy, and the two of them disappeared into parts unknown. Yikes! 





Doctor Cowboy is our final Weirdo of the Week for season 2. Part of the reason why Doctor Cowboy was so unsettling was because he was played by DC veteran Phil Morris. We’ve seen him as John Jones in Smallville, Vandal Savage in Justice League, Imperiex in Legion of Super-Heroes, Jonah Hex in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Jimmy Olsen in Superman: Red Son, Silas Stone in Doom Patrol…..we could go on and on. The point is, we’ve seen Phil Morris in many iconic DC roles, but we’ve never seen him play an imaginary cowboy doctor who is secretly an apocalyptic wax monster. The man has range, and Doom Patrol is one strange show.






Cliff’s heart to heart with Jesus took a strange turn. After Robotman told him why they stopped hanging out after Bible camp, this exchange happened…


Cliff: I was six, of course I bought it. I needed my dad!


Jesus: Six…Jesus…I had no idea…


Cliff: Can you do that, take your name in vain? Do you get some sort of pass?


Doom Patrol has presented some strange scenarios in the past, but this is a whole new level. We’ve never considered what would happen if Jesus took his own name in vain, mostly because we’ve never had a superhero show where Christ fought a robot with the brain of a washed-up racecar driver before. 






Poor Cliff. First he was forced to miss his daughter’s wedding, then he was betrayed by Jesus, and to top it off he was dismembered and scattered across the fair. Can’t a robot catch a break? The imagery of Cliff’s robot parts being strewn all over the ground can be found in Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s Doom Patrol #1


This episode also detailed Miranda’s background, incorporating some elements from 1992’s Doom Patrol #55. Both versions of Miranda fled to the well after being sexually assaulted, but the circumstances were different. While the live-action Miranda was emotionally manipulated by her boyfriend, her comic counterpart was cornered by a stranger near her church. 


Dorothy’s decision to make a stand against the Candlemaker comes from a moment in Grant Morrison and Richard Case’s Doom Patrol #61. But Dorothy had Rebis to save her in that story. Since Rebis doesn’t currently exist in the live-action version of Doom Patrol, we hope she has a backup plan. 






Let's give special attention to the speech that Jane gave to Miranda’s jerk boyfriend. Here’s a cleaned-up version of it…


“You motherf**kers, you don’t know a thing about love, not one of you. The sh*t that happened tonight, this scene isn’t about love or freedom, it’s just more control cooked up by men like this a**hole. They stay in control and keep taking from clueless b*****s and we let them because we tricked ourselves into thinking it’s a f***ing choice!”


The message might be a bit vulgar and aggressive, but that’s Jane for you. Even though some of the words aren’t child friendly, the message is an empowering one. Although this scene took place in the late 1970s, it’s just as relevant today as it was back then. Crazy Jane might not be a polished speaker, but she’s the feminist hero we all need. 






* Was that really Slava, or a manifestation from Dorothy or the Candlemaker? 


* Who's been impersonating Miranda, and how did they infiltrate the Underground?


* Can Jesus take his own name in vain?


* Did Larry really grow up without ever having an imaginary friend? That’s incredibly depressing.


* During the flashback, what happened to Jane after she left her apartment naked? Was she immediately arrested for public nudity? 



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