We Unpack DOOM PATROL Episode 2-04: “Sex Patrol”

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

July 3, 2020


The Doom Patrol are throwing a party, but who invited the sex ghosts? This week, DC Universe’s Doom Patrol was a fever dream of comedy and horror. Let’s unpack all the madness that went down in  “Sex Patrol.”






* Flex Mentallo and the Dannyzens threw a wicked rave in order to revive Danny, and inadvertantly summoned a sex demon intent on bringing about the sexpocolypse. Also, the Chief gave Cliff some ecstasy. No, we didn’t make that up. Stop looking at us like that. Didn’t you watch the episode?  


* Rita asked Flex to do an encore of his infamous “happy ending flex” from last season. She claims this was so she could get past some mental blocks that had prevented her from unlocking her full potential. Sure Rita.


* Jane was imprisoned in the Underground after her fellow personalities staged a coup. Once they realized just how messed up the real world was, the other personas relented and Jane regained her post as primary. Remember, kids -- never stage a coup during Sex Ghost Week.


* Everyone treated Dorothy, a girl who is over 100 years old, like a little kid and wouldn’t let her come to the adult party. She did get to sing a killer version of “Pure Imagination” though. 






Well it was certainly odd when Rita tried to lift the disco ba – WHAT DO YOU THINK, IT’S SEX GHOSTS! How can anything be stranger than sex ghosts!? Then there was Hammerhead shoving the baby back into the demon while she was in the middle of having a “happy ending.” Have anyone ever seen the reverse birth of a sex demon baby before? Has anyone ever had the opportunity to type that sentence before? 




The “Weirdo of the Week” crown goes to the sex demon. This episode also had a sentient, teleporting genderqueer brick, a man who could create “happy endings” with his muscles, and a team of paranormal investigators devoted to eliminating sex ghosts. So the competition was fierce. But Mister Evans was a f**ked up fella. The periscope on his head was odd, but the unsettling look on his face as he gave birth to a baby sex demon is what gave him the trophy. Congratulations, sir!






Danny has gone from street to brick to wheel, and now he's off for a magical adventure with the Dannyzens. By the way, did anybody catch what Danny said to Niles about keeping Dorothy prisoner? “I’m sorry, Niles. No more. I am going to do better. You should too.” That’s a very relevant thought for 2020, and kudos to Danny for growing as an individual. We can all learn something from that genderqueer sentient brick-wheel. 






Guess what, the Sex Men, Mister Evans, and even the baby floating out of his body are actually from the comics! Check out 1991’s Doom Patrol #47-48 (written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Richard Case) to see the Doom Patrol work with Cuddle, Kiss, and Torture, to stop Mister Evans from ushering in a new age of sexual energy. Believe it or not, there are parts of the story that get even stranger than what we saw in this episode. 




* Technically Dorothy is over 100 years old, so why on Earth does she still have a bedtime? She’s older than Cliff, Jane, Larry, Vic, and Rita. How old does she have to be before she’s allowed to stay up late? 


* What’s the difference between a sex ghost and a regular ghost? Can any ghost become a sex ghost if they find a partner? Or are there self-pleasuring sex ghosts?


* What is a typical week like for the Sex Men? How frequently do cosmic sex events occur to keep them traveling the world in their Sexmobile? 



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