We Talk BATWOMAN with Rachel Skarsten and Meagan Tandy

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Oct. 12, 2019

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This week saw the hotly anticipated premiere of TV's ‘Batwoman,' and critics and audiences have already fallen in love with Kate Kane. This latest live-action version of Gotham is taking fans by storm, and we recently had a chance to speak with its stars Rachel Skarsten (aka Kate's sister turned antagonist Beth “Alice” Kane) and Meagan Tandy (Kate's girlfriend Sophie Moore) about their roles in the latest addition to the "Arrowverse." Skarsten previously starred as Black Canary in 2002's live-action ‘Birds of Prey’ series, and she shared some interesting tidbits about how that show will be revisited in the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, encompassing all of the Arrowverse. From “Elegy” to “Crisis” and beyond, here’s what the cast had to say..



On the Influence of writer Greg Rucka's acclaimed “Elegy” comic storyline...


Skarsten: “We'll actually go into the backstory and how Beth evolved to Alice in the show. It started when she was 13 and there was the accident and she was presumed dead at the time. Obviously she was not and we're going to see throughout the season what happens. It's really good and it's been a pleasure to play.”


Tandy: “I did read the comics. Ours is based off of the 'Elegy' version. But the thing with Sophie is she wasn't in the comics that much. In the story we split up after military school and then Kate goes on to have two other relationships. But in the [show's] depiction of it, Sophie has a more prominent role in the story. What's been cool about that is it's kind of like my first time. Like, it's the first time for everyone to be able to see a Sophie Moore in the Batwoman world. My only research was just that little bit in the comics, and now it's just whatever I'm putting up. I'm learning on the job.”


Skarsten: “Alice is such a juicy character, because there's so many layers to her, so she's not just bad for the sake of being bad. There's a reason that she's bad, there's something that's motivating her. And then of course she's twin sisters with Batwoman. So that's been really fun to unpack and explore and it's such a unique relationship. So Ruby (Rose) and I have had a very good time doing that.”


On the Difference Between ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Birds of Prey’...


Skarsten: “It's funny because there's actually a lot of similarities. It was a female-led cast and we had a female showrunner/creator/writer. Obviously there are gonna be differences, because there's been advancements in CGI and things like that; but I do feel very much like it's a bit of a homecoming, because it's also me coming back to Warner Brothers and the CW, which the WB was the predecessor to. It's been really lovely. It's kind of like a hand in a glove actually.”


On Ashley Scott Reprising Her ‘Birds of Prey’ Role as Huntress in the Upcoming “Crisis” Crossover...


Skarsten: “I've been telling everyone about that, I think I'm Ashley's publicist this weekend. [Laughs.] I've actually just talked to her yesterday and she saved all her Huntress wardrobe and she's going to wear the original belt and necklace on the crossover. I think that's a really cool little tidbit for fans. She actually saved the bodice, but she said it got shredded over the years. Everyone is like, 'Who are you excited to see on the crossover?' and I mean I'm just excited to see Ashley in Vancouver!”


On Playing an LGBT Character on a Primetime Network Show...


Tandy: “I don't want to get all teary eyed, but I really genuinely feel that I am telling someone's story. I feel like so many women will be able to relate to Sophie because she's a very strong woman, she's very capable, she's highly trained, but she's also got the sweetest heart. It's just a very real story. I just love that there's a strong woman but she's also got that soft side too, so she's the best of both worlds. I love that.”


On What’s Coming Next...


Tandy:The main focus with Sophie for season 1 is you're going to watch her deal with this struggle of having Kate came back into town, but also she's in a relationship herself. So now she's got to figure out 'Well, what do I do with this?' There's so many different struggles. If I let this go and I go with Kate, what does that mean for her job? Because with her it's always been about 'You've got to work, you got to go to school, you got to do your thing, and so getting with Kate might get in the way of that. The arc is just watching her struggle and then what ends up happening, you'll just have to see.”


Skarsten: “So in the pilot there are flashbacks with our younger selves. We do actually have two actresses who play young Beth and young Kate and you will see them again. You will definitely see them again. We're going to kind of go back and forth and we'll definitely explain not only what happened to Alice in between but also build that relationship for the audience onscreen seeing the two young actresses. And they're both phenomenal. I actually think my young self is a better Beth than me. [Laughs.] I watch her because as I said to her, 'I'm mimicking you. You're creating who Beth is and was.' I've really tried to watch what she does and sort of carry some of those characteristics.”



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