Ned Ehrbar

Ned Ehrbar

Aug. 28, 2019


This is it. The home stretch. The big finale. The grand payoff. The final three episodes of DC Universe's much-praised ‘Young Justice: Outsiders.’ So they're a pretty mellow ride, right? Right?!



"Into the Breach"




The first of the bunch, "Into the Breach," kicks off with Beast Boy on a mission to Burbank with Blue Beetle, Vic, Wonder Girl, El Dorado, and Kid Flash. Vic explains that thanks to his Mobius infusion, he’s harnessed his cybernetic powers and can reach out to anything electronic. He’s done a deep dive on Granny and found a suspicious building on the studio lot with zero network connectivity -- except for an Apokoliptan signature.


The team Boom Tubes into Building 16, and Kid Flash does some recon but comes up empty. Vic does his own scan and unveils a huge, ominous Apokoliptan engine. But before he can tap into the machine, they’re dropped into Granny’s pain-inducing X-Pit. It’s a real bad scene in there. Blue Beetle’s suit peaces out, leaving Jaime exposed. El Dorado warps in to rescue them, but he can’t get his bearings to warp back out.


Granny shows up to chat with Gar about how she’s always been too soft on him. Then she challenges him to a one-on-one fight, which sounds like wish fulfillment for anyone who’s ever had a terrible boss -- except Granny can apparently lay quite the beat-down.




While they tussle, Vic somehow merges himself into Overlord’s headspace, and after a rough start he has a Neo moment and realizes nothing there is real and he can control pretty much anything, which turns the tide. He knocks out Overlord -- complete with a “booyah” -- and that zaps everyone back to the studio lot, where Granny has to face the entire team solo. Vic and Blue Beetle take out the giant Apokoliptan engine, then Granny and Overlord disappear. Vic hurries after before anyone else can follow. He lands at the Orphanage just in time to see Granny and her Apokoliptan doppelganger painfully merge into one.


Then he spots Violet and all the brainwashed heroes. He zaps off Violet’s blindfold, freeing her. She’s desperate to free the others, but Vic reminds her that she’s been repolarized, so acting on her instincts will actually just hurt them more. But she has an idea. She starts emitting a rainbow aura, floats up, and wipes away the purple cloud encasing the Orphanage and the surrounding planets. Then she lets out an alien incantation that brings all the heroes back to themselves.


Granny recovers, too, and she is not pleased. And why would she be? Her plan to enslave the known universe lasted less than one episode! She turns her ire on Violet, but she’s no match and ends up in a red-orb. With Granny contained, Violet, and Vic get to work on destroying the massive amplification device in the middle of the room, and the rest of the heroes join in. The machine blows, but the combined might of the Green Lanterns keeps the blast contained. Connor lets Granny know that Vandal Savage told them how to find her, then Granny Boom Tubes away, appropriately miffed.


Superman takes a team off to find the kidnapped meta-teens while a reunited Violet and Brion lock lips. M’gann and Connor, meanwhile, have an awkward telepathic conversation about the state of their relationship.


Granny returns to Darkseid and spills the beans on Vandal. At the Hub, the heroes return and relay the good news about the League saving the kidnapped meta-teens, Granny’s operations being shut down and Vic’s proof that Gretchen Goode and Granny Goodness were the same person, which… come on, guys. That one wasn’t that difficult. You know, what with the similar names and the fact that they looked exactly alike and all. But whatever, a win is a win.


Garfield offers Vic a spot on the Outsiders, which everyone is all for, and after some brief hesitation, he accepts. And he officially dubs himself Cyborg, which we all saw coming.




Meanwhile in Metropolis, Lex Luthor is checking out the trending stats for Infinity Inc, which is gaining on the Outsiders in the hashtag war. Pretty soon the two tags are neck-and-neck. After the team tussles in Manhattan with a mind-controlled Killer Frost, Infinity Inc. overtakes the Outsiders in the social media game, which pleases Luthor, since he’s their boss and all.







On to "Overwhelmed," the second-to-last episode. Despite the foreboding title, this one is more of a calm before the storm kind of deal. And it’s Valentine’s Day! The Light is watching a GBS news report about the League bringing home the 316 abducted meta-teens from space, and Luthor says it’s time to put their plan in motion.


Also watching the news? The team at the Hub, pleased to see Cyborg mentioned as a new Outsider and Granny revealed as an evil alien entity. And in Star City, the newscast is playing on Will Harper’s laptop -- seriously, GBS must get great ratings. He shuts it as Artemis walks in to find the romantic candlelit dinner he set up. He also got Violet to babysit Lian. So they totally make out. But Artemis freaks out after their first kiss and runs upstairs, crying and apologizing to a photo of her and Wally.


She meets up in a park with Zatanna, who brings along M’gann and Raquel. Turns out Artemis wants Zatanna to bring Wally back from the dead. Totally reasonable! Zatanna offers to let her meet Wally’s soul halfway by sending Artemis to Limbo. Oh, and she has to be back by sunrise or be trapped there forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, I guess?




In Limbo, Artemis immediately runs into Wally, both dressed in all white. And they totally make out. (Sorry Will!) Wally asks how she wants to spend their night together, and suddenly they’re in their old home and she’s got a huge rock on her finger and an even huger bun in the oven. Next thing you know, there’s a baby in her arms and they’re both college professors. Wally warns her the sun will be rising soon, but Artemis never wants to leave Limbo. He won’t let her stay, though, and insists she head back and live her life. They have a tender goodbye, and then Artemis heads back to the land of the living.


Back in the park, Artemis is satisfied. As they walk home, Zatanna reveals to Raquel that Limbo was really just a mental playground M’gann set up, and that it really was all in Artemis’ mind the whole time. Pretty sneaky, sis. Artemis returns home and makes amends with Will. She says she’ll always be there for him and Lian, but they’re totally not right for each other romantically.


Forager, meanwhile, is wrestling with whether to stay on Earth or go back home. Connor takes him to Geranium City, where they meet the mayor -- who is actually Dubbilex, a genomorph, just like all the other residents there. Forager totally digs it, and it inspires him to stay on Earth with the Outsiders, no longer hiding in human form.




At the Hub, Garfield is entertaining baby Lian by shape-shifting, and everyone’s generally having a great time until a Boom Tube opens and Metron floats in on his chair and Tubes away Vic, Violet, and Lian, leaving Gar behind. They end up in some freaky unknown space, surrounded by giant floating skull fragments. Lian is perfectly safe, Metron assures them. In fact, she’s having a blast floating around and giggling. Metron also reveals he is Violet and Vic’s grandfather -- since they are the children of the children of his intellect, or something. And he just wanted to give them a little pep talk about how he’s impressed with their evolution and looks forward to seeing what they do next, assuming Darkseid doesn’t kill them. Good talk! He Tubes them back to the Hub, and Lian is all, "Again!" Because she is a child without fear.


In a plush Hollywood hotel room, Brion and Tara meet with King Gregor, who snuck out of Markovia to see them and is convinced he’ll be able to pave the way for their return. They just have to be patient. Tara sends out a text to Deathstroke about the meeting, and he relays the info to the Light. They launch a mission to Marvokia to spring Baron Bedlam from prison.


The next day, it’s another news report, this time about Baron Bedlam staging a coup and taking the Markovian crown, with Gregor nowhere to be found. Luthor tells the U.N. he has no plans to intervene and that there are "good people on both sides." But Geo-Force is totally down to lead the Outsiders on a mission to liberate Markovia.







Which brings us to the final episode, "Nevermore." In Gotham City, Oracle fills Jefferson in on the plan for Markovia: While the League is sidelined, M’gann’s team is flying into the country undetected along with members of the Outsiders; while Artemis has another team prepped to Boom Tube in to support Alpha Team -- Gar, Brion, Tara, and Vic -- who are heading straight for the fight.


In Metropolis, Luthor and Slade watch along with the Skyped-in Light members, who are all pretty pleased with themselves since they’re predicting a complete debacle for the Outsiders and their ultimate plan: worldwide support for superhero registration, Infinity Inc. volunteering to register and supplanting the Justice League, and the League and Outsiders becoming outlaws. They even tease the idea of Batman in the Suicide Squad, which… honestly? Might be kind of worth it.




As Brion, Tara, Gar, and Vic approach the Markovian capital, Deathstroke chimes in and tells Tara she’s going to have to publicly kill Garfield. Yikes. In the throne room, Artemis, Connor, Forager, Dick, and Violet show up to lay some hurt on Baron Bedlam, who runs out and straight into Alpha Team. Tara and Brion take on their uncle, which ends up broadcast live on the news. Meanwhile, Jefferson gets in touch with Vic and tells him they have a side mission. Mysterious!


Bedlam sidelines Beast Boy, but then his niece and nephew floor him. He gets such a beating from Brion that his stone face crumbles and he surrenders. But Brion is out for blood. Beast Boy insists that’s not the Outsiders’ way, then Deathstroke tells Tara to kill Beast Boy. She raises a piece of earth to smash him, but Artemis and Violet show up and tell her she doesn’t have to listen to Deathstroke. Artemis reveals they’ve always known Tara was working for Slade, but now it’s up to her to decide what kind of superhero she wants to be. So she doesn’t kill Beast Boy, and she tosses her earpiece -- which Vic picks up, scans, and uses to let Jefferson Skype into Luthor and Slade’s little meeting. Whoops!




Bedlam tries to escape, so Brion straight-up murders him by pouring lava down his throat. The Markovians cheer, but his actions don’t sit so well with Violet and the others. They think he's crossed a line, and Tara thinks they should both turn themselves in for the crimes they’ve committed. Except the Markovian ambassador wants to make Brion king now, since Gregor is still M.I.A. -- and the people are all for it. Brion accepts, and tells Tara he will forgive her crimes if she supports his rule. But she can’t do that. He asks Halo to be his queen, but she’s not down, either. So Brion orders Nightwing to take all the heroes and leave his country.


In Metropolis, Luthor insists to Slade that things couldn’t have gone better, but then Black Lightning is at the U.N., revealing all of Luthor’s crimes, including meta-human trafficking and secretly running Infinity Inc. Despite calls for his resignation, Luthor calls it fake news, but then Connor shows up and reveals the truth about himself as a clone of Luthor and Superman. And just like that, Luthor is out of the U.N. and facing multiple indictments, with Troia the odds-on favorite to replace him.




Tara gets probation at the Hague and gets to rejoin the Outsiders. In Markovia, Brion is fully decked out in regalia and Helga Jace is begging forgiveness. And surprise surprise -- that Markovian ambassador, Zviad Baazovi, is the newest member of the Light and has meta-psychic abilities.


Vandal Savage then fills the Light in on his latest meeting with Darkseid. They’re all good now, and Granny’s being tortured. Oh, and Darkseid is apparently still on the hunt for the Anti-Life Equation -- and Halo is most likely still the key to their final victory.




Up on the Watchtower, literally every hero is either in the room or Skyping in. Every hero except Black Lightning, that is, who makes a dramatic late entrance. Dick comes clean about the secret task force, Wonder Woman and Aquaman resign as co-chairs of the League, and M’gann steps down as leader of the covert team. Dick nominates Black Lightning to be the new League leader. Batman promises everything will be on the up-and-up, so Black Lightning takes up the mantle and offers a rousing speech about how they need to be better and live in the spotlight. What can we say? He gives good speech.


In Happy Harbor, Megan tries to give Connor back his engagement ring, but he won’t let her go. He apologizes and they reconcile. And speaking of resolutions, our plucky Australian tornado girl in Taos finally takes off her inhibitor collar, Cyborg heads back to his high school to stop some bullying, and Forager reveals his true form to his classmates. Everyone’s really happy except for Violet, for obvious reasons. Brion isn’t too thrilled either, sitting on his throne, as the Infinity Inc. kids kneel before him. At the Watchtower, Jefferson gazes out over the Earth like it’s his dang job. Mostly because it is.




And down in Metropolis, the main gang and their families are enjoying a private party in Beppo’s diner -- because they’re... frugal? Like, they could’ve closed down any restaurant they wanted to, I’m guessing. But there’s no substitute for formica and burnt coffee poured by Superman's #1 fan, I guess. Just before the credits roll, we close in on the hand of a blonde waitress refilling Connor’s coffee, and on it is a Legion of Superheroes ring. So that’s something to look forward to!


Hope you kept watching through the end credits, because there was finally payoff to a long simmering gag. Remember when Lobo lost a finger fighting the team? Well, it's been growing and growing, as Lobo's severed body parts tend to do, until it finally sprouted into a wee baby Lobo. But before we can even pick out violently adorabable onesies, the Main Man comes back and squishes it into a puddle and then lights that puddle ablaze just for good measure. So long, baby Lobo! We hardly knew ye.



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