Rosie Knight

Rosie Knight

Jan. 12, 2019


It was a long time coming but Young Justice has returned! The first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders were a rollercoaster of emotions, actions, and shattering the status quo. When we left our heroes at the end of episode 3, they were in disarray after the practical disbanding of the Justice League. With half the team in Markovia where they almost stopped a metahuman trafficking ring, the other members were still dealing with the fact that Batman, Green Arrow, and some of DC's other most famous heroes have abandoned their station. We begin this week with episode 4 (watch "Private Security" here), with Tigress and the clone of Roy Harper -- both of whom are trying to get back to normality. But the presence of the newly minted hero Halo is making things that little bit harder.




They're not the only ones with questions, and a new member of the household -- because Conner and M'gann have been tasked with looking after the now banished Prince Brion of Markovia who just found out that he's a superhero too. Jefferson also has a new friend, as he's taken charge of the Markovian doctor who changed Brion into Geo-Force. And everyone has one question on their lips... "Where's Dick?"




The ex-leader of the group is trying to recruit Will, Roy, and Jim to help him stop a trafficking ring in Star City. But Will is frustrated at how Dick has essentially abandoned the Markovian situation and only agrees to help if Dick joins the Harpers on a private security job for his company Bowhunter Security, protecting a VR firm. Meanwhile Artemis and Halo have a meeting with Doctor Fate, who tries to help Halo, and then Zatanna, by freeing Zatara from Nabu for an hour, which seems to be a recurring arrangement. 


Throughout "Private Security" we flash back to the night in Markovia and the promises that the heroes made to their new friends which seem to have impacted their day to day lives. Despite that serious thread though they ramp up the comedy with the Harpers and Dick on a slapstick journey to save some stolen VR tech. Back in the park, Halo seems to be hiding something from Artemis, and Zatanna says a tearful farewell to her father, Zatara. They are, however, not the only ones having a moment as Dick and Roy argue about the fact that the former may have been using the latter as a substitute for Wally. Eventually Dick submits, agreeing to do better and take care of the Markovian kids. Together, they beat the criminals and break up the Star City trafficking ring. 




The gritty realism of the first few episodes is gone in episode 5 (watch "Away Mission" here), as we're flung into the vibrant intergalactic Fourth World. Something strange is afoot as Orion seems to be running a scam on a local alien race known as Bugs. Bear quickly heads to Earth to ask for help; and Miss Martian heads back with the giant alongside Virgil, Donna, Jaime, and the others as chaos reigns on New Genesis. Unfortunately, her hopes for some quality time with Superboy are dashed as he has to stay home to help Dick and Artemis. As the crew tries to calm the Bugs on New Genesis by convincing them that Orion couldn't have been the one who scammed them, the members of Young Justice are heatedly debating whether or not Halo and Brion should join the team and attempt to train the new young metas. 


As Halo's powers grow ever stronger, we join the team on New Genesis, where M'gann has made a shocking discovery all her own. It turns out that the fake Orion is none other than her little brother. He's been helping a mysterious figure by using his psychic and shape-shifting powers to wreak havoc on New Genesis, in exchange for help starting a burgeoning revolution on their home planet of Mars. An epic battle ensues. Miss Martian is horrified. But after utilizing her powers, as well as preaching the gospel of love and peace, M'gann finds she can't save her brother, and he manages to escape. Sadly, the Bugs are unwilling to listen to the heroes' pleas for peace, and the team leaves New Genesis on an unhappy note.




The final episode this week (watch "Rescue Op" here) brings in another iconic DC bit of lore -- with the introduction of Black Spider and the terrifying League of Shadows. It looks like Brion's sister Tara might have joined the team of immortal villains. The biggest reveal this week comes here, in episode 6, beginning with the confirmation that Barbara Gordon is Oracle and, just like her comic-book counterpart once was, she's in a wheelchair. She and Dick are clearly still together and she's a vital part of his role as Nightwing. Though it's unclear if the other members of the team are aware of this. Back in Happy Harbor, the newly formed squad of Halo, Brion, Conner, Miss Martian, Jefferson, and Artemis are joined by Forager, a Bug from New Genesis who moves into an RV-shaped Bioship with Brion. And thus, a new buddy comedy is born. 


After Nightwing reveals Brion's sister may have joined the League of Shadows, the Markovian prince teams up with his new roomie and Halo, the trio absconding with Sphere to save her in spite of the older heroes' warnings. As the teens make their way to Infinity Island, Nightwing receives intel about Halo's identity, revealing her real name is Gabrielle Daou, a servant in the palace of the Markovian royals. Sadly, before Dick and Artemis can share the good news, they realize the kids are gone. On Infinity Island, things get very bad very quickly as the rogue team comes across Sensei, who goads them into a fight, murders Halo, and captures Brion and Forager. Of course Halo is immortal, so she comes back just in time for the trio to be saved by the rest of Young Justice. 


This leads to an epic battle in which the team faces down with the assassins of the island. They're saved by the intervention of Ra's al Ghul, who reveals he has left the League. As they leave the island, we meet Talia al Ghul holding a baby. Could it be Damian, her love child with Bruce Wayne who, in the comics, grew up to be the latest Robin?


There's one final mystery this week as one of the masked assassins says, "Grayson," and Ra's suggests the mysterious assassin's memory is returning... Could it be Jason Todd? We'll have to wait until next week to find out!


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