We Recap YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Episode 23: "Terminus"

Ned Ehrbar

Ned Ehrbar

Aug. 21, 2019


The penultimate week of DC Universe's ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ brings us "Terminus," which feels both ominous -- especially for fans of TV's ‘Walking Dead’ -- and a tad premature, since we’ve still got three more episodes to go, all of which will be arriving next week. But let’s dive in, shall we?




We kick things off this week in outer space, with a siege on the Orphanage. The Green Lanterns shield the satellite so no one can Boom Tube away, and then Superman, Wonder Woman, and a slew of Leaguers approach to rescue the kidnapped kiddos...but it was all suspiciously too easy. There’s a big flash of energy that spreads out and engulfs them all in super-painful X-Pit goo. Then a brainwashed Halo adds some spice to the mix, things go purple, and everyone just straight passes out.


As it turns out, New God-garbed Granny was running yet another test of the Anti-Life Equation, and she is pleased as punch with the results -- which are basically that she’s enslaved the starting lineup of the Justice League by eradicating their free will. That’s not good. Not at all.




In Santa Monica, Black Lightning is having a major brooding session on the beach. Static tries to cheer him up with a hot dog, but it just triggers a painful memory of sharing hot dogs with Helga, which segues into a memory of the first time they hooked up. Basically, he’s really bummed about the whole "my girlfriend was really manipulating me for her nefarious meta-making plans" thing. So yeah, no thanks for that hot dog. But silver lining: more dog for you, Static!


Across town at the Hub, the equally bummed Outsiders watch Granny on TV weaving a melodramatic, heartbroken tale about her studios around the world being broken into by metahumans. She even coins the phrase "meta-hooligans," and...look, I know Garfield is miffed right now, but he should really consider taking that one. It’s got pep.


But it turns out Granny didn't make it up, as Artemis reveals those raids were actually the Outsiders looking for Violet, though they obviously didn’t find her. Kaldur wisely deduces she’s probably off-world by now, but a newly recuperated Dick insists they’ll be able to find her.




M'gann and Conner, meanwhile, are still telepathically arguing about how she, Batman, and the others handled things, what with them sacrificing their principles and all. Kent men are big on principles, of course. And the situation brings a whole bunch of unresolved issues to the surface, as M'gann insists she didn’t use any mind-altering powers for their new campaign. But Conner’s all "isn’t lying the same thing?" Way harsh, Conner.


Before they can really get anywhere with the recriminations, Vandal Savage turns up in the lobby, using the intercom like it’s no big deal. He’s there to talk about Halo, and willing to give them the coordinates so they can head straight to her -- just so long as they tell Granny he was the one who sent them.




M'gann gets her team ready to retrieve Halo. Dick insists he’s coming along on the mission, and that he’s fully recovered. So Kaldur comes too to keep an eye on him. Conner, M'gann, Nightwing, Aquaman, Artemis, Brion, Tara, and Forager get to Boom Tubing, and it leads them right to the Orphanage -- though all they know is they’re in a weird alien hanger. Conner puts Brion in charge of the beta team -- comprised of him, Tara, and Forager -- who will go find Violet while the alpha team creates a big, noisy distraction.


They spot the Javelin parked in a corner and quickly put together that they’re at the Orphanage. Oh, and that the League clearly didn’t succeed in their rescue mission, so now they’re there to rescue Halo, the kidnapped orphans, AND the Justice League. No biggie. Alpha team takes position to lay the hurt on some Parademons, but something just isn’t sitting right.


Cut to Dakota City, where Black Lightning drops Static off at home and then heads out for a broody stroll. This time his betrayal-themed flashbacks are all about Batman and the League, not Helga. So much betrayal to brood over, so little time.




Back up at the Orphanage, Beta team sneaks through the corridors, guided by their Mother Box to Violet’s location. They duck into a corner just as a bunch of bad guys -- including Lashina, Gilotina, and Mantis -- roll past on their way to the hanger. They charge at Alpha squad, but they’re not really a match for M'gann and Conner and crew.


But one Parademon does manage to knock down Dick, who maybe wasn’t ready for the mission after all. He’s helped up by none other than the dearly departed Kid Flash. Then things get weird: Miss Martian’s back in her old costume, Conner’s in his old T-shirt, Dick is younger and back in his Robin togs, but the focus is all soft and fuzzy… it's the original team fighting together again, and suddenly we're filled with a thousand feels.




Together, younger Dick and the hallucination of Kid Flash hijack the Javelin and use its defenses to take down all the baddies, but it turns out it was just Nightwing doing it all by himself despite his delirium. Yet because they’re psychically linked by M’gann, they all experienced his fever dream. It’s for the best, however, because the sight of Kid Flash has reinvigorated them and they’re ready to fight on.


Down on Earth, Jefferson’s mope-athon moves to Metropolis, where some time with Lynne and his daughters finally breaks him out of his funk. The power of parenthood!


At the Orphanage, Brion and his team finally locate Violet… and walk right into Granny’s trap. Granny monologues a bit, but Brion assures his team via psychic link that he’s got it all under control. Except then Martian Manhunter floats up and severs the link, while Superman lays them out. Guess they weren’t counting on having to fight Justice Leaguers.


Alpha team approaches, fully aware of what they’re walking into. They explain to M’gann she’s going to have to do to them what she once did to Kaldur: brain-fry them all. Even if it means destroying her soul. Conner protests, but she tells him it’s the only way.


Back in the chamber, Granny lays out the plan: She’s going to use the Anti-Life Equation to enslave all the metahumans, but she has no need for the regular humans since the X-Pit matter has negative effects on them -- which is why Jefferson recovered so much faster than Dick after they were exposed to it. On the bright side, she assures Brion he’ll get to work side-by-side with Violet as they do her evil bidding. So there’s that.




Granny has Overlord put her and Violet in a protective cube, then activates the device. But before the glow can reach Beta team, everyone gets a massive migraine thanks to M’gann. Except Overlord doesn’t really have a mind to fry, so he swells the glow out to disable Alpha team. Freed from the brain-fry attempt, Granny shoves Violet out of the cube and into the muck, where she says the incantation, everything goes purple and all our heroes are toast. Slaves to Granny’s will.


That big purple glowing ball spreads out ever farther, out into space, consuming several planets -- as Granny declares the Age of Darkseid has begun. That’s gonna be tough to remember to write on all my checks, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually.



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