We Recap YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Episode 21: "Unknown Factors"

Ned Ehrbar

Ned Ehrbar

Aug. 9, 2019


Welcome back, ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ fans. This week’s episode, "Unknown Factors" -- how ominous! -- kicks off with a live red-carpet report from GBS’s own Cat Grant at the Hollywood premiere of ‘The Great Khan,’ where Granny Goodness is working the red carpet.


Meanwhile, Nightwing and Black Lightning are deep undercover, crashing Granny’s pad. They detect Apokolips tech inside, which is all the probable cause Nightwing needs to sneak on in. After all, Batman probably wasn't big on teaching about warrants.




Oracle helps knock out the cameras -- which is too easy, she points out. They lose connection with Oracle, the eyes of Overlord light up and he activates a Boom Tube to zap them… somewhere. Probably nowhere good. Are we really surprised Granny would have such a killer security system?


Down in Shayeris, Atlantans frolic because that’s what they do. The water-bound new girl is getting settled in, and has chosen the name Dolphin. Kaldur and his boyfriend Wyynde watch on, happily.


Oracle texts about the whole Nightwing/Black Lightning thing, but Kaldur doesn’t want to get involved with rescuing them since they were on an illegal, non-League-sanctioned mission, but Oracle insists. And Wyynde wants to come along, since he’s never seen the surface world. But maybe this isn't the best way to do it? Wyynde, however, insists, so off they go.


At the Hub, Victor and his dad have totally reconciled. They even hug! The touching moment is interrupted by Beast Boy and GeoForce back from a rescue mission, with Garfield injured and covered in ketchup and Brion brimming with puns. Thanks a lot, Condiment King! But Violet entering the room dampens his mood, so I guess he’s still not over all that "your previous self helped get my parents assassinated" thing. She wants to tell him about her condition, but Helga Jace suggests she wait until there’s good news about a possible cure. Tara and Forager, meanwhile, are off on a mission with Megan.




While Garfield recuperates, he hangs with Victor at their home gym as Vic explains how he’s finally coming to terms with his tech. Garfield decides to give his abilities a little test; and let’s just say Cyborg can even lift, bro.


Up on the roof, Helga finds Brion waiting for Violet to show up. Brion wants to go talk to her, but Helga talks him out of that idea, saying she should wait for Violet to come to him. While he waits, she suggests, he can manage some fan interactions on social media and try to win back the Markovians. One like or comment at a time, I’m assuming.


Outside Granny Goodness’s Hollywood Hills home, Wyynde is going rapid-fire with the innuendo, talking about how weird it is to breathe air and how he will ‘never get used to sucking and blowing like this,’ because subtly is not his super power. But he’s new, so maybe he’s just trying to catch up.


Instead of another covert mission, Aquaman decides to just straight-up ring Granny’s doorbell -- not a euphemism -- and confront her directly. She invites them in, and once they’re inside Oracle loses her signal again. Man, that house gets terrible reception.




Inside, Granny’s all ‘your friends broke into my house’ and Aquaman’s all ‘take us to them,’ so she does. By way of Overlord activating another Boom Tube. They end up in something Granny calls her X-Pit, where misbehavers go. Misbehavers including Nightwing and Black Lightning, who are being tortured and told repeatedly to bend to Darkseid’s will. Fun stuff.


Granny lets them head out into the mire, rescue their friends and take them home, but she doesn’t want them taking the Mother Box. That’s kind of a dealbreaker for the Atlanteans, so they refuse. Big mistake. Granny then turns a brainwashed Nightwing and Black Lightning on them.




And they fight! The Atlanteans easily overpower them, so Granny orders Overlord to destroy the Mother Box. In a panic, it reaches out to Violet and Victor, summoning them. Brion and Garfield follow, arriving at Granny’s house just in time to save the Mother Box. Violet uses her powers to heal the box and then wipe away the brainwashing from Nightwing and Black Lightning. Just before Granny can have Overlord send them all to the X-Pit, Oracle sends in a flash grenade that knocks her out so they can all escape.


Over in Ivy Falls, Bumblebee and her husband Malcolm find out that neither of them has the meta-gene. And they’re totally in love, in case you were wondering, even if they can’t agree on what gender they want their unborn baby to be. But they’re about to find out, because Karen’s water breaks right there in the car.


They head to the hospital, where Karen gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. But there's something wrong. The baby has cyanosis, so the doctor rushes her to x-ray. Turns out there’s a hole in the baby girl’s heart. So Karen -- fresh off delivering a baby, no less -- suits up in her shrinking gear and has the doc inject her into her newborn daughter, which I’m assuming is not how the doctor thought her day would go when she woke up.




Bumblebee patches up a hole in her daughter’s heart, then cuts off the feed to the doctor to have a moment of reflection about all the trouble this birth has been. She decides to shrink down even smaller and whips out some of her souped-up DNA. But did she give her daughter powers before zapping her way out? It’s unclear, but she says she did "the right thing."


Back at the Hub, Dick gets seen to while Wyynde admits the only thing he likes about the surface is that Kaldur’s on it. Seriously, you two. Get a lagoon. Brion apologizes to Violet about all the cold-shouldering, and they totally reconcile.


Seeing this, Helga texts… someone that there are "complications" and she needs "to get my kids out." Whoever she’s communicating with tells her that arrangements have been made. And it turns out it’s… Ultra-Humanite. Well, that can’t be good.


And you know what’s even worse? At the very end we see Granny telling Darkseid himself -- via some kind of hologram Facetime call -- that she’s found the Anti-Life Equation. Fun times. 



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