We Recap YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS Episode 18: "Early Warning"

Ned Ehrbar

Ned Ehrbar

July 19, 2019


The latest ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ installment, "Early Warning," finds the new Outsiders team going international — and ticking off a foreign power — while Violet tries on the rebellious teen look. Oh, and Tara speaks! But more on that later.


We kick things off with a report from Courtney Whitmore about all things Outsiders, dubbed “today’s hottest stars.” That was fast! It’s been two weeks since the new team went public, and thanks to their daring rescues in Taos, Brooklyn (Maine) and a mission in Chicago — that we guess happened between episodes — Beast Boy’s big hashtag #WeAreAllOutsiders has been trending nonstop in the U.S.




Courtney can’t help but wonder where the Outsiders will go next, and a smash cut to their Hollywood HQ helpfully answers that question, with Garfield announcing Santiago de Cuba as their destination, where a meta-trafficking lab needs some busting up. He and GeoForce hop in the tube to rendezvous with Wonder Girl, Static and Bio Ship in Happy Harbor. (Bart and Jaime are sitting this one out to attend a funeral in Taos for Mrs. Garrett. RIP, Mrs. Garrett.)


Upstairs, Helga Jace is waking up the three younger residents of the palatial penthouse, who have been putting themselves through the torture of a super-early commute from L.A. for school in Happy Harbor just to stay in class with the friends they had there. No one seems to suggest that they could make new friends here and actually sleep past sunrise, but hey, good friends are hard to find.


Forager and Tara head down to get Z-tubing. Oh, and Tara speaks! In full, complex sentences! Considering she was nearly mute the last few weeks, this is a welcome development.


But Helga holds Violet back for a moment to deliver some rough news. After examining a strand of hair she pulled off of Violet’s brush to check her DNA — first of all, rude — Helga has learned that Violet is dying. Like, quickly. It turns out that while she can heal herself, her cells don’t regenerate like they should, so basically every time she uses her power, it’s at the expense of her overall health. That’s a pretty lousy trade-off, Mother Box...


Helga gives her a dire diagnosis of just a few months to live, but then says she and her mentor are working on a solution and she’s very hopeful! Maybe she should have led with that? I’m just saying, Dr. Jace doesn’t have the best bedside manner. She then says it’s up to Violet as to whether they share the bummer news with the rest of her friends, and she decides to keep it to herself. Because secrets are the best.


Up at the Watchtower, Zatanna doesn’t like the idea of Garfield’s team going in alone, so she heads off to Cuba despite the Justice League not being allowed in that country.




Speaking of Cuba, that’s where Klarion and his feline companion, Teekl, are hard at work in an abandoned factory using magic to activate the metagene in some kidnapped teens and put them under mind control for the Light — you know, the usual Tuesday — before combining them into one massive, multi-eyed monster straight out of David Cronenberg’s wildest fantasies.


The Outsiders notice that the Cuban authorities are on their way, so it’s time to step in. Geo-Force sets up a perimeter to hold off the Cuban police — led by an aggressively daddy-ish boss — while the others head inside, where Klarion sets the massive kid-monster after them.


Zatanna shows up to help out with the advanced magic, but it’s not looking good for the team. Beast Boy seems to get zapped out of existence, and Wonder Girl is added to the massive meta-monster — only making it stronger. But Beast Boy is fine, as it turns out, and annoys the hell out Klarion as a green hornet (We see what you did there, 'Young Justice: Outsiders'!); while Zatanna conjures a spell to separate the kidnapped meta-teens out of monster form and back to themselves. She releases them from Klarion’s control, but their metagenes can’t be deactivated, so welcome to being super-powered, kids!


Zatanna then warps herself and Klarion to the Tower of Fate, which justifiably freaks out Klarion. He tries to teleport away, but can’t get out. Zatanna, meanwhile slips away satisfied. Or is that, deifsitas yawa spils?


Back in Cuba, the battle is over and the kids are recovering — except for one girl whose metagene gave her gills. Beast Boy notices that she’s suffocating on dry land and gets her into the water.




Cuban Police Daddy is ready to take them all down — and he's particularly peeved at GeoForce — when one of his deputies notices that her son is among the kidnapped meta-teens. She asks what will happen to all of the kids, and Garfield explains they can either go back to their families or come with them to Taos where they’ll be safe at the meta-human youth center. Cuban Police Daddy doesn’t care and calls for reinforcements anyway, so the Outsiders get the hell out of there. Bunch of ingrates…


Back in Hollywood, Forager and Tara come back from school without Violet, who blew them off to go hang out with Harper Row — and by “hang out” I mean nosediving into self-destructive, rebellious teen behavior. She’s ignoring texts from Brion, getting drunk and doing some target practice with a handgun on a beach. Oh, and totally making out. Violet tries the whole “I have a boyfriend” line when Harper locks lips with her, but Harper’s all “so do I,” and just… whoa.


Violet, as it turns out, is a deadeye shot. Which I guess isn’t that much of a surprise? Their escapades attract a local policewoman, and there’s a brief standoff before Violet finally drops the gun and both girls head for the slammer. Oh girls, girls, girls! This never would’ve happened if Mrs. Garrett was still alive.


Megan has to bail Violet out of jail and asks if she wants to talk about it, but Violet is sticking with the moody teen routine. But I guess a death sentence can have that effect on a girl.




In Hollywood, Artemis is training Tara, who has some PTSD flashbacks of training sessions with Deathstroke. The comparison of training styles between the merciless Deathstroke and the supportive Artemis doesn’t seem to be lost on her, and she seems to be softening. So maybe she won’t betray them after all? Let’s not get our hopes up.


And in Taos, the Outsiders arrive post-funeral to drop off the new charges — including the girl with gills who can’t stay at the facility, but Aquaman’s got that covered. Eduardo then announces that he wants to be part of the Outsiders instead of just working as a counselor at the youth center so he can set a good example for the kids there. Garfield’s all for it, so welcome aboard, Eduardo.


And then we end as we began, with Courtney Whitmore reporting that the team has gone global on social media post-Cuba. That hashtag is trending everywhere now, so we guess we really are all outsiders.


Courtney declares the Outsiders are bigger than the Justice League. Which certainly won’t blow up in their faces in the future or anything, right? Right.



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