We Recap SWAMP THING: The 5 Most Shocking Moments in "He Speaks"

Rosie Knight

Rosie Knight

June 14, 2019


As we venture deeper into the swamp, things are getting ever more dangerous. In 'Swamp Thing' episode three, viewers begin to get a true sense of just how dangerous it is in the small town Marais, Louisiana. From the gnarly green flu that's slowly devouring the bayou and its inhabitants to a terrifying new threat in the murky waters, here are the five most shocking moments from 'Swamp Thing' episode three, "He Speaks."


Nature: 1, Humans: 0


Though fans were introduced to Jason Woodrue during the last episode, "He Speaks" gives an insight into what the strange scientist truly values. During an interaction with Abby Arcane over the dead and vine-covered body of a local man, Woodrue explains that nature is brutal but beautiful and every day is a battle between nature and humanity. Whilst Abby argues that she is on the side of humans, Jason laughs and claims that today the score is "nature: 1, humans: 0." It's a chilling moment that acutely represents how little connection the hyper-intelligent antagonist has for human life, unless of course it's his wife, as another big surprise here is the fact that all of Woodrue's experiments with the mutagen are to cure an illness ravaging his beloved partner's body and mind.


Harlen Edwards Gets Sick




The sickness is Marias is clearly connected to the swamp and to the mutagen that Avery Sunderland has been dumping there. Due to the fact that it's still unclear exactly what caused the illness, this episode saw new CDC agents arrive at the local hospital, much to the chagrin of Abby Arcane. It quickly becomes apparent that the new doctors are needed, though, as Abby's partner Harlen comes down with a nasty case of "the green flu." It's a shocking sequence as his body convulses on the floor and the green pours from his mouth, his airwaves blocked by the flora growing in his throat. It's a stark reminder that whatever is growing in the swamp doesn't discriminate when it comes to who it infects.


The Rot Arrives


The final act of the last episode saw Swamp Thing rip one of Avery Sunderland's murderous minions to pieces. As we rejoined Alec Holland in the wilds of the swamp, he was coming to terms with that act. He sees the man that he killed, screaming for vengeance and promising to come back from the dead to get it. This apparently wasn't an empty threat as his victim's severed head, hands, and body are stitched together by thousands of tiny bugs. In case that wasn't creepy enough, the now undead murderer begins to stalk the swamps, searching for the man who killed him and dispatching of anyone in his way by breathing a mass of disgusting, fluttering, flying insects. But as the new monster tries to harm Abby in his quest to find Swamp Thing, the mean green machine appears to save the day. The big reveal here is that Swamp Thing saw the pain of the man he killed and commanded an unseen force to "release him" as the attacker's body disintegrates. Could it be that the Rot of the comics has arrived?


Alec and Abby and Matt Cable




After Swamp Thing saved Abby and freed her attacker from the grips of the swamp, the pair share an intimate interaction where they reconnect and Abby confirms that the monster was the man that she'd felt such a connection with only days earlier. Imploring the slimy, elemental plant creature to help her, it felt like a vital and surprising moment as Abby isn't afraid or even nervous around the beastly being, instead leaning into his touch. But things are never that simple, and as Abby relaxes in the local bar with her old friend and local police officer Matt Cable, the muggy bar gets a little steamy with a slow dance. As Abby looks out of the window towards the swamp, Swamp Thing looks back, devastated to see his companion with another man.


Avery Sunderland Hits the Showers


Fans who paid close attention to Alec Holland's untimely death likely already had an inkling that Avery Sunderland was possibly the man who shot Alec in the middle of the swamp. But if his murderous intentions were unclear, then you were likely surprised when Avery Sunderland turned up at the local bank teller's house and bludgeoned him to death with a golf club. It shouldn't be too much of a shock, though, as it's clear that Sunderland will do anything to protect his own interests. After the mild mannered man threatened to uncover that Avery is in masses of debt and has been taking illegal loans from the local financial institution, the local patriarch was quick to put an end to his problems by ending his blackmailer's life.


Now that many of the core pieces of Swamp Thing lore are in play, it'll be interesting to head back to Marais next week, especially as Avery Sunderland has realized that local journalist Liz Tremayne is also on the case of his very dodgy dealings. So make sure you tune in next time, same Swamp Time, same Swamp Channel!


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