We Recap SWAMP THING: The 5 Most Haunting Moments From "Drive All Night"

Rosie Knight

Rosie Knight

June 28, 2019


'Swamp Thing' has officially hit the halfway point and in the newest episode fans are treated to a deep cut DC character, some seriously scary antagonists for Abby, and our first proper hint at the dark secrets that haunt the CDC scientist. With all the exciting reveals you might think that the show has let the atmosphere slip, but it's another powerfully atmospheric episode and here are the five most haunting moments from "Drive All Night."



The Prodigal Daughter Returns




Much of Maria Sunderland's journey has centered around dealing with her unresolved emotions about her deceased daughter Shawna. In this episode the creative team begin to give more of an insight into just what happened to Shawna, as well as delivering some solid scares. As the episode opens, Maria is enjoying the company of her new adopted child, Susie, who was obtained by Avery Sunderland  to distract his grieving wife. But after first seeing a strange apparition, Susie is possesed by Shawna Sunderland in an attempt to regain her mother's attention and wreak revenge on Abby.


The True Power of the Rot


As Alec attempts to wrangle with his new state of being, he has a terrifying vision of the darkness in the forest which sees multiple dead bodies appearing around him. The cadavers seem to wear clothes from multiple eras, suggesting that the swamp has been taking lives for centuries and Alec is just the newest inhabitant of the magical landscape that seems to thrive there. It's a brief but haunting vision that hints at the greater power and evil that resides within the swamp as it also introduces a brand new character to Marais, Louisiana.


The Phantom Stranger




The addition of Macon Blair as the Phantom Stranger to the cast of 'Swamp Thing' opens up a new world of mystical possibilities. Though the character is different to the enigmatic caped icon fans know, Blair brings a haunting and humble quality to the persona as he offers council to Alec Holland and his new form. It's the Stranger who offers Alec the chance to begin to peel back the layers of Marais and all the darkness which resides there. But whether or not he was the one who treated Swamp Thing to the brutal visions as well as the enlightening ones is yet to be seen.


Sheriff Cable Will do Anything to Protect Her Son


It's clear that Sheriff Cable is happy to hide anything that she deems important to her, the most obvious example being her affair with Avery Sunderland. But when both her son and her status as Sheriff are threatened by a backwoods resident named Remy, she shows a dark side which has terrifying ramifications. In a shocking scene that feels both timely and scathing, Sheriff Cable shoots the would-be-blackmailer dead in cold blood. The moment showcases a bleak darkness that resides in the woman who is meant to serve and protect the town and its inhabitants.


Abby's Darkest Secret is Revealed




Now that 'Swamp Thing' has hit five episodes, we're finally getting a glimpse at the trauma that has defined her life and her relationship with her surrogate parents, the Sunderlands. After Maria tries to sacrifice herself to the swamp to get close to her deceased daughter, Swamp Thing throws Abby into a flashback which offers viewers a look at that fateful day. With the two teens nervous about separating for college, they embark on an adventure which saw them jump off the local bridge into the river. Though it seems like that might have been the way Shawna died, it's quickly revealed that in fact something else was culpable for her death that day, a mysterious unseen force that dragged Shawna under the tide.


After all the shocking reveals in "Drive All Night" we cannot wait until next week, especially with the last minute twist that saw a key character put at fatal risk...


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