Undead Ringers: The Top 5 Undead DC Characters

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Nov. 4, 2019


Can we tell you a secret dear readers? We see undead people. No, seriously – we see lots of undead people. With a library of over 24,000 comics and counting, there are plenty of undead DC characters. Halloween is when all the undead creatures come out to play, but beware – some might be friends, but others are foes. Here’s a list of 5 of DC’s undead souls.






How They Died: Boston Brand was a circus acrobat who performed under the name Deadman. He was pretty much tempting fate with a name like that, and fate took the bait. During a performance Brand was shot by a sniper midair and lost his life – or at least lost his original life. A powerful entity known as Rama Kushna gave Brand the abilities to walk among men as a ghost.


Notable Tidbits: Not only can Deadman walk among other men as an unseen spirit, but he also has the abilities to possess their bodies. Deadman has “borrowed” untold numbers of bodies over the years, and used them to help investigate various crimes. Dead people need a hobby so at least his is productive.


Required Reading: Strange Adventures #205






How They Died: Cyrus Gold was a rich merchant who was targeted by an angry criminal. After the crook smashed Gold’s skull, he dumped the body into Slaughter Swamp. Decades passed and the toxic waste and other bits of murky material attached itself to Gold’s corpse, until he rose from the swamp as an undead zombie. All he could remember was that he was born on a Monday, so a nearby hobo suggested he name himself Solomon Grundy after the nursery rhyme.


Notable Tidbits: Grundy isn’t a normal zombie. He could do things most undead creatures can’t, including regenerating himself after being destroyed. His healing factor is that good! Because parts of his body are made of plants and wood, Alan Scott’s Green Lantern ring had no effect on him.


Required Reading: Infinity Inc. #39






How They Died: Match was a clone of Superboy created by a group called the Agenda. He never technically died, his body just began to rot over time because the Agenda was bad at creating clones. While Match’s original form made him a dead ringer for Superboy, by the time he joined Deathstroke’s Titans East he looked like a cross between Solomon Grundy and Bizarro.


Notable Tidbits: For a time Match’s undead body served as a vessel for Jericho, who realized the only way to stop the mindless destructive clone was to control him.


Required Reading: 2007’s Teen Titans #43-46







How They Died: Darla Aquista was the teenage daughter of a Gotham mob boss and a classmate of Tim Drake. Darla was caught in the crossfire during a gang war, and lost her life when a stray bullet hit her. Her distraught father took the corpse to the sorcerer Johnny Warlock, begging him to bring his daughter back. Using her father’s life force, Warlock reanimate Darla’s corpse but she wasn’t like she was before. Her skin was now pale and she could manipulate dark magic forces.


Notable Tidbits: Although she was originally the evil apprentice of Johnny Warlock, Darla eventually rehabilitated and joined a group of magic based heroes called Shadowpact.


Required Reading: Robin #137







How They Died: Andrew Bennett was a 16th century nobleman whose life was forever changed during a late night horse ride. A vampire tried to make a meal out of Bennett, but he was able to slay the night walker, but not before it got a bite out of Andrew. Bennett was turned into a vampire, and was doomed to walk the Earth for centuries fighting his bloodlust.


Notable Tidbits: Although he’s a vampire, Andrew has taken a vow to never drink human blood and only go after small animals. The vow has been broken a few times, including when Andrew bit his girlfriend Mary (at her insistence) so they could spend eternity together. This backfired drastically, because Mary decided to become an evil vampire who preyed on humanity. Andrew has spent centuries hunting Mary so he could correct the biggest mistake he ever made.


Required Reading: House of Mystery #290



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