The Top 5 Most Popular Batman Family Members

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

June 20, 2019


In our year-long celebration of Batman's 80th Anniversary, we recently asked our beloved Community which member of the Batman family was their favorite? Do they dig on Tim Drake's adroit detective skills? Do they thrill to Cassandra Cain's assassin acumen? Or are they just a die-hard fan of Dick Grayson? After combing through your many impassioned arguments for your ride-or-die Batman family faves and tabulating everything in a very orderly, scientific and serious manner (NOTE: it was not orderly, scientific, or serious at all), we present the Top 5(ish) Most Popular Batman Family Members!


Before we begin, special mention must go to Batgirl turned Orphan, Cassandra Cain, who was just shy of making our list. Better luck next list, Cass! (Please don't assassinate us.)



5. TIE Tim Drake & Damian Wayne




The two most recent Robins share a perch together at number 5! Though Tim and Damian have crossed swords in the past (literally in some cases), they've since buried the hatchet and now accept one another as valuable members of the Batman family. And why shouldn't they? After all, both Tim and Damian have led iterations of the Teen Titans, both made best pals with a Superboy, and as both Red Robin and Robin have shown they're dedicated partners to Batman.



3. TIE Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, & Alfred Pennyworth




Alfred Pennyworth.jpg


Splitting a crowded 3rd place podium is a trio that goes way back with Batman. Dick was the very first Robin, who struck out on his own and carved his own way as Nightwing, even filling in at times as the Batman. Jason served as the next Robin but was more of a problem child, with his rambunctious and headstrong nature leading to his death at the hands of the Joker. Fortunately, he got better, and now goes by the Red Hood. But before them, before there was even a Batman, there was the loyal Wayne family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred helped raise Bruce after the death of his parents and stood by his side as he began his war on crime as the Batman. If there's a beating heart of the family, it's in the form of Alfred, who nurtures the Batman family through victory and disaster. Plus, he manages to keep a whole mansion AND a Batcave tidy all by himself, so respect to him.



1.  Barbara Gordon




The boys have had to share their places on the winners' podium, but Barbara Gordon gets first place all to herself. After serving as the first Batgirl she worked through unspeakable tragedy at the hands of The Joker, which left her paralyzed in a wheelchair. Despite that, Barbara refused to give in, working as the Oracle to the Batman family, as she supplied information, tactics, and technical support. Through hard work and dedication, Barbara regained the use of her legs and soars high above Gotham once again, not just as Batgirl -- but as your favorite Batman family member! Congratulations, Barbara.



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