Tim Seeley Picks His Five Favorite Dick Grayson Comics

Joe McCabe

Joe McCabe

Oct. 24, 2018


With an exciting new take on Dick Grayson at the center of DC Universe's Titans, fans have been happily rediscovering their love of Batman's first protege. And with an almost 80-year history to his name, there are plenty of different eras of the character to explore. We recently sat down with fan-favorite Nightwing writer Tim Seeley and asked him what his favorite Dick Grayson comics are. Here's what he had to say...






"The New Teen Titans stuff where Robin chooses to become Nightwing. The aging of the character that way is probably the most well-known version of that stuff. That specfic arc." [Read it here.]






"All of Grant Morrison's stuff where you get Dick Grayson as Batman is some of my favorite Batman stuff. Don't tell Tom King. [Laughs.] Cool Batman and angry Robin is such a great combination. It's such a flip on the head. It works so well." [Read the first issue here.]






"I would put our own Grayson in there, [co-writer] Tom [King] and my Grayson. I think it uses the character in a new way that actually makes total sense. He's the nice Nick Fury of the DC universe. It gave him a new purpose." [Read it here.]


Golden Age BATMAN




"I love the early Bob Kane/Dick Sprang era of Batman and Robin, where it's this sort of cheery, happy Robin who doesn't need to balance out dark Batman. He's just his chum. I think that stuff is fantastic." [Read it here.]






"The 'mullet era.' [Laughs.] The Chuck Dixon era. The first part of his run, where he was doing Nightwing with Scott McDaniel, is so perfect. It's kind of become the era most associated with that character. He moves to Bludhaven. He's his own man. It's the fun, lighter version of a Batman story, but he's got a town that's even dirtier than Gotham. I think that stuff is sort of legendary, and we pulled a lot from it for our Nightwing run too." [Read it here.]


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