Teagan Croft Talks Raven and TITANS Episode 3: "Origins"

Joe McCabe

Joe McCabe

Oct. 26, 2018


One of the most perenially popular members of the Teen Titans, Rachel Roth (a.k.a. Raven) has inspired artists, writers, and fans since she first appeared in writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez's The New Teen Titans. In her latest incarnation on DC Universe's Titans, the Daughter of Darkness is played by Teagan Croft. We recently sat down to chat with the 14-year-old Australian actress. Here's what she told us about bringing Raven to life, and what's in store for her character in the show's next episode, "Origins" (arriving on DC Universe Friday, October 26th). 


On her favorite Raven comic book...


Oh, my gosh. There was a [series] of the '80s Teen Titans where they all told their backstories, where they're in the Grand Canyon. And I remember reading that issue. Because I have like the volume of the comics. But I remember reading those issues and turning to my dad and being like, I have the best character. I'm so grateful, and it's just so crazy to be this iconic character, like as you said, so many cosplayers dressed as Raven, and there's so many fan art. I'm still trying to tell myself that it's true.


On Raven's story arc in season 1...


The whole first season is about how Rachel doesn't know who she is, and what her backstory is. So a lot of the season is figuring out where she comes from and who she is. Anyone who's read the comics will know what her backstory is. This series is based on the comics. 




On seeing the special effects used to depict Raven's powers...


Oh, it was crazy. Because when I was doing it, it was just me. None of the eye stuff had happened. I was just screaming. I did all my own screams. For real. My throat hurt a lot. But it was weird. And all the voice stuff that happens... Sometimes when she is her demon self, her voice goes funny. I did all that in ADR, and they told me to do it different pitches, different levels. Seeing it all come together along with the special effects, along with the stunts... I didn't get to do any stunts, but seeing Hawk and Dove and Robin do the stunts and everything, it was absolutely amazing. It was like seeing a comic come to life.


On what she imagines it feels like to use Raven's powers...


What do I think it feels like? I think it feels like a lot of pain being released. So first it's like a build-up of pain, but then as soon as the darkness comes out of her it's just a relief. It's kind of like when you've got water stuck in your ear, and then kind of bounce it out a little bit. That's a much smaller scale, but a similar feeling of relief. [Laughs.] Demon water. It's holy water coming out of my ear. 


On the episode she's most excited for fans to see...


I think episode 3, because that's when I get to do a lot of the reflection stuff, and a lot of the dark stuff -- and the interaction between Rachel and her demon self, which is a really interesting relationship. Because it's with herself, but at the same time they're two different people.


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