Superboy & Krypto Are the Only Dynamic Duo We Need in TITANS Season 2 Trailer

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

Aug. 27, 2019


'Titans' season 2 begins on Friday, September 6th, and we're so psyched we're ready to slice through a bo staff with sheer excitement. Now the new trailer has just dropped with even more tantalizing hints of what to expect in the new season, and we're bouncing off the walls like Jason Todd on a triple espresso. Here's a few of our initial thoughts...



Dick is leading ass-kicking lessons at Titans Tower, and while it seems like Gar is still hanging tough in the 101 class, Rose Wilson is doing some advanced level bad-assery.


Gar Dick Spar.png

Rose Wilson.png


And speaking of the Wilson family, we've got the team googling them at the Titans Tower. Looks like they found some rare pics of Slade and Rose with both of their eyes intact...


News Desk.png


One good baddie deserves another, as we've got a clearer look at Dr. Light, one of the Titans' classic enemies...


Dr. Light.png


Twice the villains means we need twice the heroes, and we've got the best combo since Batman and Robin -- Superboy and Krypto!


Super Duo.png


And there's so much more! Starfire...kidnapped! smug as ever! Donna Troy...hating on Shimmer's name! Check out the full trailer below....





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