Staycation Tips from the Justice League

Alex Jaffe

Alex Jaffe

May 22, 2020


Usually, Memorial Day weekend is one of those perfect times of year to pack up and get away from it all… but with the world in crisis, the most heroic thing we can do is take our vacations at home this year. So how can you enjoy your time off without leaving the house? We asked the Justice League for some tips for how to keep sane while being heroes at home.





The world recently learned the shocking truth that Superman is in fact mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. While Superman makes his home in a congested city, his thoughts are with his family in Smallville, Kansas. Superman says to take this time to catch up with those who might be feeling particularly isolated, especially those at risk like the immunocompromised or the elderly. Even if all they want to talk about is the grandkids.





Batman is able to hang with demigods and metahumans because of one thing: he never stops working. Sure, throwing yourself into work isn’t the healthiest of outlets, and not everybody likes to make their time off into their job. But with some extra time on your hands, now’s the time to dust off those old cold cases and half-finished projects you never had time for in the past. Tune up your Batmobile, organize the files on your Bat-Computer, maybe even work on teaching the Bat-Hound some new tricks. Batman always emerges from the dark stronger than before, and so can you.




So you’re alone with yourself, for the first time in a long while? Great. Wonder Woman advises that this is the perfect time to find your inner truth. We’re not so different from comic book characters, after all: our experiences, decisions, relationships, and the adjustments we make to find compatibility in our peers gradually erode our visions of ourselves, constantly retconning who we are. Now is the time to get in touch with yourself, what your core values are, and who your really want to be. Sometimes, just writing it down can be more effective in bringing truth out than a magic lasso. If you can’t listen to yourself, who will?



Jessica Cruz.png


We had a lot of options for Green Lanterns, but decided we’d talk to the best one -- Jessica Cruz. After all, Jessica is an old pro at sequestering. She doesn’t like to brag, but she once went 3 years without leaving her house, and that was WITHOUT a global pandemic. Jessica says that while managing stress is a constant battle, a great reliever is the tranquility that comes with baking. Experiment by preparing some new treats for you and whoever you happen to be quarantined with. Like a Green Lantern, the only limit is your imagination! And if the need arises, don’t be afraid to make substitutions.





Have you met The Flash? The first thing he does is tell you his name, and then he tells you he’s the fastest man alive. This guy is all about time. Breaking it, remaking it, saving it. And while you may not have super speed, time can slow to a crawl or move impossibly fast when your entire routine is disrupted. But even with the world on pause, you can control time by keeping yourself to a regimented schedule. Set times for bed, times to wake up, times for meals, times for whatever responsibilities you might have -- even if you feel like it doesn’t matter. It’s a surefire way to maintain a sense of balance and normalcy, so time is always on your side. And that’s a Flash Fact.





Aquaman remembers a time when he couldn’t live on the surface unless he remained in regular contact with a body of water. While that’s no longer the case, the option to do so keeps him at ease. During these times, you should also think of yourself like Pre-Crisis Aquaman. Wash your hands regularly, take showers every day… but please, for the love of Poseidon, stay away from the beach.





J’onn comes from a society where mental connection was far more intimate than a physical one. And while we don’t have the same ability to stay in touch telepathically, the mental world can be infinitely larger space than the physical one. Look into guided meditation, and find your place away from it all inside your own mind. J’onn J’onzz may be the last of the Martians, but a gift of solitude may be serenity.





Vic Stone may have given us the best advice of all: the internet is ALWAYS a vacation, baby! Git gud at an online game, binge watch some show like, I dunno, Teen Titans or something. And connect with people in great online communities. Everyone in the world is going through the same thing as you right now! That’s the big trick: everybody feels alone right now, but because of that, NOBODY is. For the first time in a long, long time, every one of us has a new way to relate. So reach out and embrace the new digital normal: a friend online is just a friend who can never get their fluids on you.





We asked Booster Gold, who says he’s not concerned about staying indoors because he’s alive in the 25th century. We last heard Blue Beetle trying to explain that’s not how time travel or virology works.


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