Spooky Valentine's Day Cards 2: Cupid's Revenge

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

Feb. 13, 2020


Our celebration of the scary side of love continues with day 2 of our Spooky Valentine's Day cards. If you thought our first installment was horrific, wait til you see what we've got for our sequel! Click & save your favorites or print & cut out all three to give to that special someone's who's captured your heart (or spleen or intestines or any other major organ). And speaking of pertinent organs, keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for our final installment of Spooky Valentine's Day cards!




House of Mystery #194 by Neal Adams





Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #12 by Nick Cardy





House of Secrets #123 by Frank Robbins



Spooky Valentines Day2.jpg


Click, print, & share the spooky love!




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