The Most F’d Up Moments in HARLEY QUINN Episode 9: “A Seat At The Table”

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Jan. 27, 2020


It’s a new chapter in the life of Harley Quinn, as the Lady of Lunacy becomes the newest member of the Legion of Doom. There’s a lot to navigate on your first day at a new job, from office politics to running into your ex, and Harley didn’t exactly handle the situation well. It’s time to break down all the craziness from episode 9 “A Seat At The Table.”







* We think it’s safe to say everything about Bang Bane was messed up this episode. We learned that he’s an aspiring magician, but he can’t perform simple card tricks. Despite being a longtime member of the LOD, he hasn’t gotten the budget approved for a chair. Bang Bane is so enraged about a barista getting his name wrong, that he’s willing to blow up an entire coffee shop as revenge. The kicker? Joker was paying the barista to annoy Bang Bane. Now that’s evil!


* Poor King Shark! Bang Bane grew impatient during their caper and hit the detonator too early, causing King Shark’s dorsal fin to rip right off of his body. First off, that must have really hurt, and second off, can he even still be considered a shark if he doesn’t have a dorsal fin? Another F’d up note, a Japanese chef tried to buy the dismembered dorsal, and Dr. Psycho briefly considered it.

* We appreciate the Joker insisting that he never has sex with Bang Bane or Scarecrow, but was it really necessary to put that image in our heads in the first place? There was no reason to even bring that hypothetical scenario up Mistah J!







The F Bomb’s continue to drop like rain, with this episode giving us 7, bringing our series total to 88.


  •                                   • Joker: 2
  •                                   • Ivy: 1
  •                                   • Frank the Plant: 2
  •                                   • Lex Luthor: 2
  •                                   • Bang Bane: 1


Ivy now has a series total of 23, Frank the Plant has 7, Joker has 6, Lex Luthor has 1, and Bang Bane has 1. We’re glad to see Lex and Bang Bane joining the F Bomb club,







Amazingly the Joker had two hostages during this episode and he allowed both of them to live. Maybe being around Harley again is throwing the Joker off of his game? Joker and Harley try to remember if they killed Zach Braff, before concluding that the only thing dead is his career. We’re not sure if King Shark’s demolition bomb killed anyone, but since the episode established that sharks aren’t demolition experts, we might be able to assume that Bang’s Bane’s plan didn’t contribute to the body count. We are sad to report that three baby birds were crushed to death during Planetwide Pavers self-serving commercial. No wonder Ivy hates them! This brings the series total body count to 78.





If you pay close attention to the Plantwide Pavers commercial, you’ll notice that they’re a subsidiary of Lexcorp. Luthor owns many companies that he’s forgotten about, so this might not mean anything, but it shouldn’t be ignored either. Perhaps there is something deeper going on?







* The Joker’s insane hatred of raisins is mentioned again. This was previously established in the first episode when he shot a cake that he suspected had raisins in it.


* The Legion of Doom is really good at pitching movies! Scarecrow’s idea for a sequel to UP has potential, and the Joker’s pitch for an all cats remake of Casablanca is ahead of it’s time. Maybe for the next season of DCYOU Unscripted?


And so ends another F’d up episode! Join us this Friday as Harley visits her F’d up family!



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