The Most F’d Up Moments in HARLEY QUINN Episode 2-07: “There’s No Place To Go But Down”

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

May 18, 2020


Bane is a judge, George Lopez performs standup, Jim Gordon quit drinking, and Ivy kissed Harley. Let’s face it Gothamites, this episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn had it all! Here’s our breakdown of “There’s No Place To Go But Down.”





Before we talk about the most F’d up moments, we need to address the elephant in the room – HARLEY AND IVY TOTALLY KISSED! The Harlivy ship is canon! The series actually went there! What happens next? Will they kiss again? What about Kite Man? We can’t take the suspense!





* Did that courtroom scene really happen, or was that just a weird dream we all collectively had. Man-Bat as an attorney was something else, but we’re not sure we’ll ever get over the sight of Judge Bane. After spending an entire season begging for a chair, he was given a judge’s seat – so yay for progress.


* When Gordon and Batgirl were hunting Ratcatcher, they found the villain…umm…snuggling with his pet rodents. Gordon’s reaction was to say “I’ve seen this stuff on the dark web.” OKAY – that raises some disturbing questions. Why is Gordon going on the dark web and looking at videos like that?


* We know the Harley/Ivy/Kite Man triangle is interesting, but is anybody paying attention to the saga of Cheryl? She started out as the only female cop in Gordon’s crew, got chastised for her bad taste in beverages, defected to Bane, and now she’s a roided-out rage monster. It’s like she wasn’t even paying attention to Bane’s mental health advice.





Prison can change you, but to be fair Harley and Ivy were already swearing up a storm before they were thrown in the pit. This episode contained 7 F-bombs, bringing the season 2 total to 47.


  •                                   • Harley: 2
  •                                   • Ivy: 4
  •                                   • Bane: 1


This brings Harley’s season 2 total to 20, Ivy’s to 9, and gives Bane his first season 2 swear. Are judges allowed to talk like that?





If this episode had an alternate title, it would be “How Gordon Got His Groove Back.” He proved he was still a damn good cop by marching into the GCPD headquarters and killing 16 of Two-Face’s men. The other two goons were killed by Two-Face himself, and we saw at least 5 deaths during the prison riot. That gives this episode a body count of 23, and brings the season total up to 173.





If you’re a stan for Gotham criminals, be sure to look carefully at the background shots in Bane’s prison. A few of Batman’s enemies like Anarky and Professor Pyg could be seen among the crowd. If you look carefully during the riot, you might see a teddy bear getting thrown around in the background. Could this be Osito, Bane’s teddy bear from his time in Pena Duro? Since this pit is also called Pena Duro, the idea isn’t so farfetched.




Most Anticipated Kiss Award: Harley and Ivy by an overwhelming landslide!


They kissed, so what happens next? Tune in this Friday as Harley and Ivy deal with the aftermath of their liplock.


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