Membership Perks: What Being in the Greatest DC Supergroups Will Get You

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

May 8, 2020


The Justice League. The Doom Patrol. The Teen Titans. The DC Universe is filled with some of the greatest groups in all of comicdom, and each one has their perks. Whether you’re part of the Justice Society’s grand legacy, or an underdog in Harley Quinn’s crew, membership certainly has its advantages. And if you’re a DC Universe Rewards member, you might know a little something about membership benefits yourself. Here’s our breakdown of the perks you’ll get from membership in DC’s greatest supergroups.






1) Great view of the Earth and space from their satellite headquarters.

2) Automatic invitation to Green Arrow’s chili cookouts.

3) If you ever need help moving, there are plenty of speedsters and strongmen to call.

4) If you’re feeling lazy during a tough battle, you can relax a bit and let powerhouses like Superman pick up the slack.

5) You’re bankrolled by Bruce Wayne, so there’s no worries about budget limits.


Downside: There’s always an Earth-shattering crisis you’re responsible for stopping.






1) Some of the JSA members have been around since World War II. Think of all the interesting stories they could tell you.

2) Free boxing lessons from Wildcat.

3) Nobody is demanding a Snyder Cut of your movie. 

4) Hugs and fresh baked cookies from Ma Hunkel.

5) Doctor Mid-Nite is on the roster and ready to help. Never worry about expensive healthcare premiums again!

Downside: You constantly have to explain the difference between the JSA and the JLA to your Aunt Traci, even though your group came first.






1) No matter how weird you feel, you won’t be the biggest freak on the team.

2) If you’re lucky, Flex Mentallo might show off his infamous Happy Ending flex.

3) Unlimited access to Danny the Street, where the party never ends.

4) Unlike the Justice League, you can swear like a sailor here. Just ask Robotman.

5) Honestly, forget all the other reasons. Negative Man’s cooking is enough to make you stay forever.


Downside: Your leader, the Chief, is kind of a dick.






1) You can watch Nightwing workout whenever you want.

2) Titans Tower is one of the coolest set pieces in the DC Universe.

3) Did we mention that Nightwing is always around?

4) The Titans are a family, and will always have your back.

5) Mmmmmmmmm…..Nightwing….


Downside: Your headquarters gets blown up a LOT.






1) Harley is a licensed psychiatrist, so your mental health will always be taken care of.

2) The morning commute will never be boring on Harley Quinn Highway.

3) Impress your friends by posting selfies with a giant shark.

4) You can live at an abandoned mall.

5) It’s a safety issue. If you’re not in Harley’s crew, then you run the risk of being attacked by them. For the sake of your bones, it’s safer to join.


Downside: Clayface will constantly ask you to practice line-reading with him.






1) You can earn reward points, just by reading comics, watching tv and movies, and posting on our community! Did your parents ever tell you nothing productive would come from reading comics? Here’s your chance to prove them wrong!

2) Redeem your reward tokens for discounts in our shop, and access to exclusive fan experiences. That’s right, you can actually SAVE MONEY by reading comics!

3) A digital library of over 23,000 comics, with new ones added every week! That’s 8 decades of DC history at your fingertips…plus, did we mention that you can earn rewards for each one you read?

4) Access to exclusive Q&A’s with DC superstars, like Jim Lee, Brec Bassinger, Anna Diop and more. Where else can you chat with your favorite creators and stars?

5) The ability to binge watch DC Universe originals – and earn reward points while you do it! Laugh at the adventures of Harley & her crew on Harley Quinn, dive into weirdness with the Doom Patrol, and strap in for adventure with the Titans and score awesome DC swag while you do it!.

Downside: None...though your friends will be super-jealous and will constantly ask where you got all your cool stuff.



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