Jason Spisak Reveals the Secrets of YOUNG JUSTICE’S Forager on DC DAILY

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

July 13, 2019


If you aren’t watching ‘DC Daily’ then you’re missing some of the coolest DC fan moments this side of New Genesis. Each week this exclusive series brings interviews, special features, and all the nerdy comics talk you can handle! Fans of DC Universe's ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ got a real treat this week, because on Tuesday July 9th (watch the episode here) Jason Spisak hopped onto the ‘DC Daily’ couch to talk about voicing the loveable breakout character Forager.


Forager has crawled his way into many fans' hearts, with ‘Young Justice’ viewers doing impressions of his endearing voice. “The sincerest form of flattery," said Spisak, "is to have people love a character so much and connect to a character so much that they want to imitate that voice. It’s a little contagious. When one person does a Forager impression, everyone does a Forager impression... Forager’s voice is just different. It’s got to be something that has his bugness about him, and it has to be something that sounds like he’s from another planet, yet has a lot of cuteness and pathos."


When the ‘DC Daily’ gang brought up Fred-Bugg-With-Two-Gs, Foragers’ human form, Spisak explained how he built that performance. “The voice for Fred-Bugg-With-Two-Gs is completely different from Forager. When they told me that Forager was going to wear a glamour charm where it changes your appearance, I said ‘You guys, you don’t want him to sound like Forager when he looks like a human being... How about if Fred Bugg just kind of sounds like he’s got some kind of vocal damage, and he’s a little awkward cause Fred Bugg would be awkward?’ So the idea was 'What would the human awkwardness be like in the same way that Forager as a bug from another planet is like?'"


Of course, Forager isn’t the first character Spisak has voiced on the series. In seasons 1 and 2, Spisak gave a heartwarming performance as Wally West, AKA Kid Flash. Ever since Wally disappeared, fans have wondered if he’ll make a surprise return. “You can’t not want to see him. There’s something about Wally’s story and the way that he left the audience and left us with such a powerful tearing of the heart, part of you thinks that can’t be it..."

However, Spisak doesn’t want Wally to return unless the circumstances are right. “As an actor, and as a person who likes the stories that DC Comics tells, I would love to see Wally come back, but only in service to the story. Young Justice is such a realistic and grounded world. If someone dies, ala Wally West, there has to be consequences."


Young Justice’ isn’t the only DC Universe production in which you can hear Spisak this summer. The actor will be voicing The Joker in ‘Batman: Hush’, which premieres August 13th. Although he's felt some pressure to live up to the legacy previous Joker actors have built, Spisak was able to develop his own take on the character. “The people who have played the Joker before me and the iconic performances that have come across into the audience’s minds are unavoidable. As an actor you know that’s what they’re carrying, so the only way that I can approach something like that is to just do my own thing."


While he wasn’t able to give away any spoilers, Spisak did treat ‘DC Daily’ audiences to a preview of his Joker laugh. Check out the rest of his interview to hear the haunting chuckle.



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