Introducing the Search for the Sexiest Man in the DC Universe

Alex Jaffe

Alex Jaffe

Feb. 10, 2020


Welcome back, bachelors and bachelorettes in search of some Super-Romance! February is upon us, and you know what that means: the time has come for our 85th annual Hottest Bachelor Competition, where every year you vote on the sexiest available man in the DC Universe!


Now, if you’ve been following our long established competition for a while, you probably have a good idea about what’s going to happen. We’ll make our cases for 12 of the most desirable men in the DCU, in three designated brackets—The Pretty Boys, The Hunks, and The Daddies—with the most desirable man in each category moving onto the finals along with one wild card from the remaining 9 contestants for the ultimate vote.


And then… you’re all gonna vote for Nightwing, sole proprietor of the world famous Best Butt, as you’ve done every year since 1983.


Well, not this time! Our poor perennial bachelor is a bit exhausted from all the attention, and is taking a well-deserved break this year. We do hope you’ll respect his space while he shaves his head, changes his name, and works things out in Blüdhaven.


Which means that without the perennial favorite, this year is anybody’s game for the Sexiest Man on Prime Earth of 2020! Let’s take a look at our contestants this year:


Pretty Boys

Beast Boy — Become an animal lover!

Tim Drake — He’s robbin’ your heart!

Conner Kent — Send in the clones!

Jaime Reyes — A love that can’t be Beat’l!



Jason Todd — Who says romance is dead?

Constantine — You’ll sell your soul for more!

Midnighter — A precog who knows how to please!

John Stewart — Gotta love a man in uniform!



Black Lightning — We’re hot for Teacher!

Black Adam — The carnal wisdom of Zehuti!

Swamp Thing — You’ll learn to love your vegetables!

Deathstroke — Wait, how did this guy get in here?


But let’s not waste any more time! These boys are eager to to find love this Valentine’s season, and are here at the mercy of your choice for the best all-around date. Bring out the Pretty Boys!







pretty_boys_week1_poll_fnl_CHOICE 1.jpg


Tim Drake is a man of confidence, who always knows exactly what he wants. Tim doesn't wait for someone to appoint him the new Robin. He deduces the identity of Batman, marches right up to him, and takes those tights. And that can be extremely sexy in a man. If you're tired of meaningless hookups, then The Drake just might be the man for you. He's always thinking long term.



  •                                   • Wicked smart
  •                                   • Good with people
  •                                   • Plans every date well in advance, and for every contingency



  •                                   • Kind of overprotective
  •                                   • Can get wrapped up in his work and ignore you sometimes
  •                                   • Occasionally goes super evil in the future (but hey, doesn't everyone have at least one evil                                      future timeline?)


Possible Bonus/Red Flags:

  •                                   • Absolutely the biggest nerd in the competition. But you're the one ranking superheroes                                         by hotness, so... 



SUPERBOY (Conner Kent)




The Man of Steel may be spoken for, but the synthetic, lab-grown version can be just as nice — especially if Supes Senior’s squeaky clean boy scout image is a turn-off. Whether you’re attracted to a tortured soul or a chest-puffer brimming with confidence, the Metropolis Kid’s got something to offer your tastes.



  •                                   • Superman as an in-law
  •                                   • Surprisingly responsible family man
  •                                   • He’ll take you flying!



  •                                   • Lex Luthor as an in-law
  •                                   • May switch on the fly between Rad ‘Tude Superboy and Dark, Brooding Superboy
  •                                   • Possible legal issues with his age (I mean the whole test tube birth thing is kinda sketchy)


Possible Bonus/Red Flags:

  •                                   •A little bit stuck in the ‘90s. But considering how the 21st century’s been going so far, that                                    might not be so bad.



BLUE BEETLE (Jaime Reyes)


pretty_boys_week1_poll_fnl_CHOICE 3.jpg


Jaime Reyes might come off as a little awkward on your first date. But if you’re looking for a squeezable cinnamon roll, there’s none sweeter than Blue Beetle. This young man is so pure he turned the scarab fused to his back against the invading alien race it originally answered to, solely through the power of friendship. And if you’re as done as we are with men who sneak around and play games, they don’t come more honest than Jaime — unlike many of the heroes in this competition, Jaime revealed his superhero identity to the people he loves the moment he got the chance. If you can earn Jaime’s trust, he’ll never let you down.




  •                                   • Very close with his family
  •                                   • Can probably be really useful around the house with that Scarab
  •                                   • Seriously, he probably can even set up a printer on the first try with that thing
  •                                   • Total sweetheart



  •                                   • If you break his heart, his mom might straight-up murder you
  •                                   • Scarab origin story keeps going back and forth between alien tech and weird magic and                                         it's getting kinda hard to keep track
  •                                   • Green Lantern rings are literally programmed to attack on sight and that could be a real                                          mood killer on a date


Possible Bonus/Red Flags:

  •                                   • Likely to retire from superheroics someday to become a dentist. A nice secure job,                                                 if unexciting..





pretty_boys_week1_poll_fnl_CHOICE 4.jpg


A world traveler, a beloved TV star, and a friend to all animals -- how can you not love Garfield Logan? Gar, as he's known to his friends, enjoys pizza, video games, and a relaxing moped ride down the coast of Jump City. Garfield can be a goofball, but he's also a hopeless romantic. After being spurned by his last serious relationship when she turned out to be an agent of Deathstroke, he may just be ready to love again. Will you be the one to mend his broken heart?



  •                                   • Imaginative
  •                                   • Great sense of humor
  •                                   • Can we get away with an "animal in bed" joke? He's at least like 20 now, right?




  •                                   • Can be a bit of an airhead
  •                                   • Rough in-law situation. Don't ask about Mento.
  •                                   • May sometimes seem more interested in his fanbase than you


Possible Bonus/Red Flags:

  •                                   • Vegetarian, which may be a pro or con based on your own diet
  •                                   • Fame & fortune, which sounds glamorous, but the pressure of the spotlight can be intense



Which of these sweet boys will advance to the finals? Their hearts are in your hands!



Who are you rooting for in the search for DC's sexiest man? Let us know in our Community!