Happy Harbor's Top Ten Most Wanted

Alex Jaffe

Alex Jaffe

July 2, 2019


Welcome to Happy Harbor! We truly hope you enjoy your vacation here in this idyllic little coastal town, with its lively boardwalks and award= winning beaches. But please exercise caution during your stay. While Happy Harbor may seem unassuming, it’s unfortunately gained a reputation for a disproportionate number of super-villain attacks over the years, possibly due to a team of teen heroes, Young Justice, calling it home. Here are ten known criminals you’d be wise to watch out for during your stay. Capture or information may qualify you for a reward, but stay far away if you are at all concerned for your safety.







Be careful who you give your e-mail address out to in Happy Harbor, and keep your personal information to yourself. You can never be sure when local cyberterrorist group the Psyba-Rats are going to strike next. Known associates of the Gotham City criminal Catwoman, the Psyba-Rats have been using their technological prowess to rob the net blind since the mid-'90s. Members include Razorsharp, who has the ability to transform her arms into long razor blades; the charismatic but untrustworthy con-man Channelman; and the supposedly reformed “Hackrat.” The team was reportedly incinerated during the Infinite Crisis event, but officials suggest they may have fabricated their death report. To ensure your safety, we recommend using a Virtual Private Network when going online in Happy Harbor.







When partaking in the amusements and diversions that Happy Harbor has to offer, make sure that each place of business you give your custom is properly licensed and insured. Otherwise, you may risk walking into a trap designed to entice and abduct you, just as Green Lantern, The Flash, and Wonder Woman did when they visited “The Cosmic Fun-House” of Xotar, the Weapons Master. This advanced super-villain from ten thousand years in the future uses a time-traveling robot to menace our modern era, and has also been noted to take over the bodies of those who fall into his grasp. So if you and a friend or loved one take in one of Happy Harbor’s many delightful attractions, take the proper precautions and establish a line of questions to confirm their identity afterwards.







Not much is publicly known about this dangerous group of young metahumans, save their antagonism towards Young Justice, and the property damage left in the wake of their battles. Rumor has it that like the (equally unconfirmed) “Task Force X," the Pointmen actually operate as a clandestine special ops cell of our own government. Whether that’s true or not, we advise you to give them a wide berth should you encounter them. Members include the winged Grey Lady, the reptilian Serpenteen, the super-strong Blockade, the diminutive Short Cut, the earth-moving Groundswell, and the power-mimicking Blank Slate.







With the ability to outsmart and outfight the entire JLA, thanks to a brain power and reflex-enhancing helmet, Prometheus is by all accounts one of the most dangerous men alive. Prometheus has an outstanding warrant in Happy Harbor after his attack on Vixen’s Justice League of America, but the focus of his crimes is generally towards the purpose of hunting heroes. As long as you’re not part of the spandex set, you’re probably safe — but be wary if attending any events where local heroes are making a public appearance.







Happy Harbor authorities do not officially acknowledge the existence of the Snatcher, and classify him as an urban myth. The local legend, however, is of a demon who dwells far, far beneath the city, and takes the city’s homeless in the dead of night to harness their souls for some unspeakable dark master beyond our mortal reckoning. It’s probably just a ghost story… probably. But just to be safe, make sure to take someone with you when exploring Happy Harbor’s nightlife. They say The Snatcher only takes those who walk alone.







The Happy Harbor Power Plant provides much of the electricity for the local county, and keeps a significant percentage of the locals employed. Because of that, Happy Harbor’s citizens tend to take attacks against this institution rather seriously — as is the case with Mister Twister. Created by the mad roboticist T.O. Morrow, Mister Twister is not technically a robot, but a robot suit... albeit one generally piloted by another robot. Other legends tell of a Mister Twister of magical origins, but if he exists there are no records of him in Happy Harbor. Regardless, this robot menace is capable of generating powerful whirlwinds and arcs of lightning. Alert the authorities immediately if seen.







The darkest time in the history of Happy Harbor was the invasion of the Crime Syndicate of America, during the event now referred to as Forever Evil. While the entire world suffered under the Syndicate’s heel, the brunt of their assault was particularly felt by Happy Harbor, which the villains of Earth-3 used as a staging ground to rally our world’s super-villains to their cause. Happy Harbor citizens who lived through that horrifying experience have never forgotten that endless night, as the most horrible monsters on Earth roamed their quiet streets, disturbing anyone and anything they pleased on a whim. Although their threat has passed, Happy Harbor remains vigilant against any further incursions from parallel Earths ever again.







We’ve refrained from mentioning it until now, but the greatest point of pride in Happy Harbor is that it once stood as the original home to none other than the Justice League of America, the world’s greatest Super Heroes. That all changed the day the Justice League’s original “mascot,” a teen named Lucas “Snapper” Carr, sold out their headquarters to The Joker in a bout of hormonal angst. After The Joker’s incursion, the League was forced to move to a new headquarters, leaving Happy Harbor without its greatest treasures. Extending an invitation to the most despicable villain in Gotham City to Happy Harbor is an affront that its citizens would find very hard to forgive, and certainly to forget.







The most feared enemy of Happy Harbor is still the original: the extraterrestrial, mind controlling pentapod known as Starro the Conqueror. Starro’s initial descent from the stars into this formerly quiet town was such a monumental threat that it marked the first published adventure of the Justice League of America. And while we are grateful for the team's assistance, Starro’s arrival has also precipitated every single villain attack that's followed. After Starro’s attack, Happy Harbor was officially on the map for good. And many of its older locals sorely miss the town’s former anonymity. We do hope you take the time to enjoy Happy Harbor’s picturesque beaches. But if you happen to see a starfish wash up on the shore, DO NOT PICK IT UP. Starro’s leftovers are still out there.



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