Go Behind the Scenes of DOOM PATROL with DC DAILY

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

May 13, 2019


It’s been another great week at DC Daily, with fun panels, nerdy debates, and the best comic book guests in the multiverse. This week featured lots of awesome moments, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at DC Universe's Doom Patrol. Here are some of the hightlights…



A Tour of Sideshow Collectibles


On Tuesday May 7th, Samm Levine took a trip to Sideshow Collectibles to learn how some of our favorite statues get made. Have you ever wondered how they get the costumes to look movie accurate? Samm found out that the folks at Sideshow work with Warner Brothers Archives and even get pieces of a costume's fabric to use as reference. During the tour, Samm challenged Sideshow's Cut and Sew manager Tim Hanson to a cape posing competition. Each of them took a Superman statue and sculpted his cape into their own unique position. Did Samm win? Watch the segment to find out...



Behind the Scenes of Doom Patrol


On Thursday May 9th, DC Daily went behind the scenes of Doom Patrol. Special Effects Supervisor David Fletcher gave fans the scoop on how some of the series' effects are made in a segment titled “Boom Patrol.” Remember all the explosions that took place in the town of Cloverton in the pilot episode? If you’ve ever wondered what kind of work goes into making the magic of superhero TV, this is the segment for you. Fletcher presented some never-before-seen footage to show how propane and car-flippers made the carnage seem real. It turns out that ven Mr. Nobody needs a helping hand sometimes...



Danielle Paige on Mera: Tidebreaker


On Thursday May 9th, author Danielle Paige sat down on the couch with Markeia McCarty to talk about her new DC Ink title Mera: Tidebreaker. Her book was inspired by another underwater redhead... “I pitched Aquaman as 'Little Mermaid.' It was 'Aquaman...he comes out of the water, he finds a girl, and he has to chose between the land and the water,'” Paige revealed, explaining how her book evolved and where she got her storytelling inspiration from.



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