Deathstroke Ready to Kick Your Ass in TITANS Season 2 Poster

Joseph McCabe

Joseph McCabe

Aug. 20, 2019


To say we're excited for the arrival of DC Universe's 'Titans' Season 2 on September 6th is like saying water is wet. Our recent first look video was overflowing with superhero goodness, and now we've got a poster that's equally pulse-pounding. All our returning heroes are here -- with Dick looking appropriately focused, Donna looking appropriately fierce, and Jason looking appropriately, well, surly. Plus, Kory and Dawn have bitchin' new hairdos, and Rachel has her forehead gem! But it's the new faces that have us most excited -- including Joshua Orpin's hunky Superboy, Chelsea Zhang as the lithe Rose Wilson, and, best of all, Esai Morales as Rose's dad, Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke. The latter is poised to be the most lethal screen version of the character yet, brandishing a sword that looks like it could take someone's head off with less effort than buttering toast...





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