DC Universe's Meta Madhouse: Presenting Wonder Woman's Warriors!

Joseph McCabe

Joseph McCabe

March 15, 2019


It's the first week of DC Universe's first-ever Meta Madhouse, a month-long competition in which each of four of the World Greatest Super Heroes -- Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Shazam -- coach a team that will, over the course of a week, select a champion via a series of one-on-one match-ups, to compete against those of the other teams. Fans will determine who wins by voting.


Week 1 belongs to Wonder Woman's Warriors. The madness starts tomorrow with the match-ups in the bracket below. May the best Warrior win!




Giganta vs. Queen Hippolyta

Crazy Jane vs. Black Lightning

XS vs. Hawkman

Streaky vs. Cheetah

Highfather vs. Granny Goodness

Vixen vs. Man-Bat

Booster Gold vs. Black Canary

Wonder Girl vs. The Flash


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