DC Pride: Hit All of the DCU'S Queer Hotspots in Our Pride Road Trip

Esper Quinn

Esper Quinn

June 5, 2020


Happy Pride! As an out and proud genderfluid bisexual myself, LGBTQ+ culture is never far from my mind. Fortunately for me and millions of others, the DC universe is a thriving space for queer expression. Gender and sexuality are issues everyone deals with, and the heroes of the DC universe are no exception. We know many of the big names and surely at least a handful beyond that, but today, let’s go on a whirlwind tour of my favorite spots for sightseeing, partying, and maybe even hooking up.







Naturally, the club scene is thriving in one of the world’s largest and oldest cities. But for those who find themselves drawn to the widest possible variety of partners, you’ll find good company in John Constantine


The limits of heterosexuality seem so confining when you’re dealing with eldrich horrors, beings of pure magical energy, and King Shark. Constantine is known for enjoying the company of partners in any gender spectrum they please, and that open mindedness is something we can all learn from.






From Downtown to Burnside, Gotham knows how to show pride. Kate Kane, Renee Montoya, Alysia Yeoh, Thomas Reese Blake, Harper Row, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy...the list goes on. Acceptance and embrace of every lifestyle is just as much a part of the cultural fabric as gritty crime and caped crusading. 






When touring the multiverse looking for LGBTQ+ locations, there’s one we can’t possibly skip over. That’s because Danny the Street is the only actual LGBTQ+ location (as far as we know, Mogo). A valued member of and headquarters to the Doom Patrol, Danny defies explanation and wouldn’t have it any other way. 


As a sapient, self-identified trans street, Danny is a perfect example of someone living on their own terms. The specifics and details on how gender identity and sexuality applies to living environments are blurry and vague, and accepting that there aren’t always clear-cut definitions is part of queer life. Real pride involves being who you are. If people have problems or can’t understand that, it’s on them.





Could there possibly be anywhere more mystical, beautiful, and regal than the underwater city of Atlantis? Home to some of the planet’s greatest views and most epic adventures, it also happens to be the birthplace of Jackson Hyde, our dear sweet gay icon Aqualad.


This heartwarming exchange between Kaldur'ahm and his father Black Manta doesn’t exactly constitute pride per se, but there’s value in the cold, nihilist acceptance. In Atlantis, you can define yourself as your heart guides you, and even the brutal hunters of the depths won’t deny it. You might run into problems down there (especially if you can’t breathe underwater), but homophobia and intolerance don’t seem to be among them.






Turns out, there is indeed somewhere more mystical, beautiful, and regal than Atlantis, especially if you’re friendly with the Amazons. Our tour of queer hotspots would be sadly lacking if we skipped the literal Paradise Island. Themyscira has a lengthy history (millennia, actually) of lesbian love. Birthplace of fellow bisexual icon Diana Prince, an island of women will naturally evolve quite a bit in terms of sexuality. The longstanding traditions of homosexuality are cherished and respected, as are all forms of expression. On your trip, make sure to study up on local customs and maybe you can make a love match too.


The universe is a big place, but that just means there’s space for everybody. No matter your orientation or presentation, you can find somewhere to belong. Just don’t be surprised if that place also happens to have high-stakes capers, geniuses criminal and otherwise, and of course, justice.



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