DC Events Ranked by How Good The Question Is in It, Because Otherwise I Don't Care

Alex Jaffe

Alex Jaffe

Jan. 14, 2020


Hello. I’m Alex Jaffe. If you’ve been following my articles, you know that for a guy who cares a lot about The Question, I sure don’t write about him all that much. It’s my duty every day to please my audience (and editors), enlightening you on topics regarding much better known characters and concepts. This is one of those articles, where I rank all the major DC event comics. Fortunately, nobody told me how I’m supposed to rank them, so I’m gonna do it by talking about The Question. If you’d like me to write more about The Question in the future, please write to your representative in congress. Until then, here are all the DC events, ranked worst to best. If I didn’t mention your favorite event, too bad. It wasn’t good enough to make this list.


The following event comics are all equally unreadable by this extremely specific standard:




* LEGENDS: The Question is not in it.


* MILLENNIUM: The Question is not in it.


COSMIC ODYSSEY: The Question is not in it.


ARMAGEDDON 2001: The Question is not in it.


WAR OF THE GODS: The Question is not in it.


THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN: The Question is not in it.


BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL: The Question is not in it.


BLOODLINES: The Question is not in it.


* ZERO HOUR: The Question is not in it.


UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED: The Question is not in it.


THE FINAL NIGHT: The Question is not in it.


GENESIS: The Question is not in it.


DC ONE MILLION: The Question is not in it.


* DAY OF JUDGMENT: The Question is not in it.


OUR WORLDS AT WAR: The Question is not in it.


JOKER: LAST LAUGH: The Question is not in it.


IDENTITY CRISIS: The Question is not in it.


AMAZONS ATTACK: The Question is not in it.


SINESTRO CORPS WAR: The Question is not in it.


THE NEW 52: FUTURES END: The Question is not in it.


MILK WARS: The Question is not in it.


DROWNED EARTH: The Question is not in it.


* DARK NIGHTS: METAL: The Question is not in it. (Dream of The Endless is, though, and that’s pretty cool)


Now, let’s start ranking.


* INFINITE CRISIS: OK, so The Question’s not in this one, but it DOES set up 52, one of the best Question stories ever told. Honestly though? You don’t really have to read Infinite Crisis to read 52. I didn’t, and I loved it! Just read 52. Read 52!


* DARKSEID WAR: The Question is part of a Where’s Waldo montage of all those forgotten parts of continuity that would come back into play after DC Universe: Rebirth. At least they didn’t forget about him.


* INVASION!: Another one of those blink and miss it crowd scene dealies. Better than nothing. Question fans are perpetually starving.


Question Flashpoint.png


FLASHPOINT: The Question shows up for a hot second as part of a resistance cell fighting against Amazon tyranny. He doesn’t do or say much, but he showed up and looked cool for a couple panels.






THE MULTIVERSITY: The Question is in this one, but come on, let’s be honest: it’s Rorschach.


Question Trinity War.png


TRINITY WAR: The one where all the Justice Leagues fight. This is a New 52 story where The Question is some kind of cursed magic guy who literally has no face, but his whole steez never gets explained. Somebody ask Geoff Johns for me, because I think we never found out.


Question Forever Evil.png


FOREVER EVIL: That New 52 Question appears as part of the “Trinity of Sin” to fight some nebulous manifestation of evil named “Blight,” despite the fact that that’s already the name of a Batman Beyond villain. The Question immediately decides this isn’t worth his time and bounces.


* HEROES IN CRISIS: The Question is in one of those camera confessional panels. Nice to see him getting some help, at least.


* CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: The Question’s in it for a few pages, but so is basically everybody. (Except Hal Jordan, for some reason?) He does get some dialogue though! And it sets up his inclusion in the DC Universe by folding Earth-4 into main continuity, so that ain’t nothing!


* EVENT LEVIATHAN: The Question gets to be a part of the main team, and he gets to be on the covers of a bunch of them, but doesn’t really get to do much. Credit to Brian Michael Bendis for bringing The Question back from oblivion for this story, but Event Leviathan is very much Lois Lane’s show. And… Robin’s, I guess? Robin’s a big part of it.


* YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: The Question shows up for a quick scene as part of a team of detectives trying to find the Legion of Doom. He doesn’t make a lot of progress, but he does get to annoy Hawkgirl.


* DOOMSDAY CLOCK: The Question is part of a big fight scene where all the Super Heroes fight Doctor Manhattan on Mars. Does he contribute much? No. But he DOES get to be right about the “Supermen Theory” when everyone else thought he was crazy! So HAH!


Question Final Crisis.png


FINAL CRISIS: This is a super weird one, and it’s the Renee Montoya version of The Question, but she does get to be a big hero by bringing an army of Supermen together. And, in the Revelations tie-in, she reunites with her partner from Gotham Central who’s taken on a post-mortem gig as The Spectre. A must read for Question completionists.


Question Convergence.png


CONVERGENCE: Convergence is one of those events where the tie-ins are way cooler than the actual spine of it. We got all these little two issue story arcs featuring characters and versions of continuity we never thought we’d see again. And in Convergence, we got TWO great Question stories: Convergence: Blue Beetle, which checks back in with the Charlton Comics version of The Question, and Convergence: The Question, where Gotham Central and 52’s Greg Rucka returned to write two more chapters in the story of Renee Montoya. There’s a treat for everybody in and around Convergence, Question fans included.


Question Blackest Night.png


BLACKEST NIGHT: Aw yeah, this is the good stuff. He’s only really in one tie-in issue, but they brought back Denny O’Neil for it and everything. Lady Shiva! Tot Rodor! The Renee Montoya Question versus Zombie Vic Sage Question! The whole band is back together! Yeah, this whole event was a Green Lantern story, but the real magic of Blackest Night is that it made all this room for everyone’s favorites to achieve a moment of horror or closure never before possible, creating unique moments of character growth throughout the DC Universe. It’s the event that brought me back into DC after a long absence, and I haven’t let go ever since.


I suppose if I have a point here, it’s that what makes a good event great is when it doesn’t lose sight of the characters involved, and uses the high stakes apocalyptic backdrops to tell personal stories. But hey, if you just want me to rank events based on the scale of the stakes involved, my inbox is open. I’m not proud.


NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of Alex Jaffe and do not necessarily reflect those of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros.


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