Darkseid’s 5 Greatest Victories

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

March 13, 2020


The next bracket of Meta Madhouse has begun, with Darkseid’s Invaders preparing to duke it out. With heavy hitters like Doomsday, Mongul, and Trigon, this is going to be a battle for the ages. While we don’t know who will be walking away victorious, with a coach like Darkseid, these invaders have a good chance of going the distance. Not only is Darkseid one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, but he’s also had some of the most memorable victories. Here are 5 times when Darkseid walked away with the win!






One of Darkseid’s first victories was so epic that it caused him to change his name. Did you think that was just something boxers did? Darkseid’s birthname was Uxas, which isn’t as frightening of a moniker, but it’s still a different level of cool. Have you ever heard the story about a lowly farmer who gets involved in a cosmic war, and obtains the ultimate power? Sorry Mark Hamill, but that’s also Darkseid’s story. As detailed in 2013’s Justice League #23.1 a mudfarmer named Uxas decided to start a war against the Old Gods themselves! Uxas manipulated the Old Gods into destroying starting a war amongst their own ranks, and Uxas stole their power as they fell. After gaining the powers of a God himself, Uxas chose the name Darkseid, which was considered the most terrifying name from ancient Apokolips legends. And this is just his Post-Flashpoint incarnation. In the original continuity he got his powers by murdering his own brother, because that’s just how Darkseid rolls.






Darkseid regularly bedeviled the Man of Steel in Superman: The Animated Series, where the supreme ruler shocked viewers by vaporizing Dan Turpin at the conclusion of the episode “Apokolips…Now Part II.” That was one of the most shocking moments of the series, but Darkseid was just getting started. In a two-parter entitled “Legacy” Darkseid brainwashes Superman, making the Man of Steel into a soldier for Apokolips. Superman attacks his own planet, causing the people who once loved him to hate and fear him. After regaining his memories, Superman attacks Darkseid hoping to dismantle his empire once and for all. Superman is shocked to learn that Darkseid’s slaves still worship their ruler as a God, and the Man of Steel is forced to return to Earth and leave Darkseid in power. In other words, the episode ends with Superman hated by mankind, while Darkseid’s minions continue to worship him. It’s worth noting that this was the final episode of Superman: The Animated Series, which means that the show ended with the Man of Steel disgraced and Darkseid victorious. How many villains can make that kind of claim?






If you think that some bonds are unbreakable, then you haven’t seen what Darkseid can do. If you’re not familiar with the superhero Firestorm, he’s an elemental fusion between two people that form a nuclear powered superhero. There have been a few different versions over the years, and in 2007’s Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #35 Jason Rusch and Professor Stein were the two men who made up the fusion. Firestorm is a powerful hero, who can rearrange matter from a molecular level, but he was still no match for Darkseid. The battle was so short that it’s hard not to feel a little embarrassed for Firestorm. Darkseid reached inside of Firestorm, and pulled Professor Stein out, breaking apart the Firestorm fusion. We can’t stress this enough, Darkseid pulled the Firestorm fusion apart, and he did it without breaking a sweat. Darkseid then dragged Professor Stein off to Apokolips, and the Firestorm series ended before Jason could rescue his partner. That’s right; this is another case of Darkseid defeating a hero at the end of their own series.






It’s rare to find a story where the villain finally obtains the ultimate power they seek, but Darkseid is no ordinary villain. For years Darkseid had searched for the Anti-Life Equation, a formula that would give the New God power over all lifeforms. In the 2008 limited series Final Crisis Darkseid finally unlocked the formula, and things really hit the fan! Humanity is enslaved by the Anti-Life Equation, and Darkseid rules the world! How many times has someone like Lex Luthor tried to take over the world? Well Darkseid has actually succeeded! The heroes were able to retake their planet, which had been turned into a replica of Apokolips, but the cost has high. Powerful heroes like Martian Manhunter and Batman fell during the event, and although they later returned, nobody would be forgetting what happened on the day evil won.






If you want to see an epic battle between two titans, then you should definitely check out 2017’s Wonder Woman #37 where Darkseid dukes it out with Zeus, King of the Gods. The past few years had been weird for Darkseid, who had lost his powers and been de-aged. If you think Baby Yoda was a sweet potato pie, wait until you see Baby Darkseid. You can’t keep Darkseid down, and the tyke regained his powers by killing Gods, just as he had when he first came to power. Darkseid targeted the children of Zeus, hoping he could draw the King of Gods out himself. Zeus put up a good fight, singeing the New God with his lightning, but in the end Darkseid killed him and absorbed his power. Here’s the crazy thing – Darkseid did all this when he was at a fraction of his usual power level. If Darkseid was able to kill Zeus using only a fraction of his power, imagine how deadly he is at full strength!



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