Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

June 7, 2019


If you haven’t been watching ‘DC Daily’, then you’ve been missing out on some great segments, exclusive interviews and other bits of fandom fun. This week the cameras followed DC’s creators to Kuwait for a special USO event, DC pubisher Dan DiDio gave fans the scoop on some upcoming storylines, and Samm Levine took a tour of Sideshow Collectibles. Here are the highlights…


On Monday June 3rd, footage was shown from DC’s joint venture with the United Service Organizations to bring a one-of-a-kind fan experience to soldiers stationed in Kuwait. “It’s an idea of bringing the comic con experience to the servicemen and servicewoman who are serving our nation, and it’s been a fantastic experience so far,” DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee said. Attending service members were able to receive exclusive DC merchandise, take a ride in the Batmobile, and meet the stars of their favorite DC Comics television shows. “I’m honestly shocked by how many Flash fans there are. It’s so incredible to see that this show is across the world, and obviously this is a piece of home. So many service members told me that they watch ‘The Flash’ with family members and I’m so touched by that,” said Danielle Panabaker, who portrays Killer Frost on the hit show.


Also on Monday June 3rd, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio spoke with John Kourounis about what’s in store for DC Comics this summer. Writer Brian Michael Bendis’s 'Event Leviathan' is DC’s next big storyline, and Didio can’t wait for fans to see it. “This is going to be a big story for us. It has huge ramifications for us and sets a lot of the backdrop for the DCU,” DiDio said. The mysterious Leviathan organization is taking down DC’s other clandestine groups, and this summer things are set to explode in the 'Event Leviathan' limited series. “It’s so big that no one hero and no one team can take it out, it really requires the entire DC Universe meeting this head on,” DiDio teased. For more on 'Event Leviathan,' and some other comic teases from DiDio, check out of the rest of the segment.


On Thursday June 6th, Samm Levine’s Roadshowcase took fans inside the headquarters of Sideshow Collectibles. “Sideshow is one of the preeminent manufacturers of high-end memorabilia in the US, producing jaw-dropping tributes to pop culture’s most iconic characters. Translation: they make cool stuff and I want all of it,” Samm said. Sideshow project manager Mike Tolentino showed Samm some cool sculpts of Swamp Thing, the Joker, and more. Tolentino gave Samm a step-by-step guide on how some of these collectibles are sculpted, and what kind of creative work goes into the finished product. “We try to tell a story. Comics have 32 pages to tell a story, and we’ve got one still image, so we try to keep that in mind,” Tolentino said. This segment is a must for any collectors of DC statues, so be sure to check it out!


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