Community Events You Can Join Every Week!

Virginia Applejack

Virginia Applejack

Oct. 23, 2019


While we are beside ourselves with excitement about the slate of special guests from DC who join us for live Q&As, Watch-Alongs, and deep dive discussions, there are quite a few other special guests who join us every day to make the Community a hopping place to party -- YOU!


Every week, the DC Universe Community has a whole slate of activities and events for you to jump into, or even just lurk! Read on to find out all about them: 


Mixtape Mondays: Every Monday, we select a character from the DC Universe to build a mix of jams to; whether inspired by, or what they listen to when plotting a scheme, we take a new approach every Monday asking fans to tell us what they think should land on the list.


Munchie Mondays: Are you a regular Alfred in the kitchen? Join us every Monday to check out the latest DC-themed recipe to test your skills on. Share your results in the comments and tell us about your special flair!


Think You Know? On Tuesdays, we name a character for fans to show off their known Easter eggs, did-you-knows, and fun facts, to submit for their chance to be included in our official encyclopedia entries. Tune in to the Watchtower every week to see if your favorite character is highlighted!  


Who Would Win? Every week we pit two characters against each other -- with a twist! Watch the debate unfold before your very eyes as fans argue who would win against each other in unusual conditions every Wednesday. 


Office Hours: Every Thursday night, our Community Manager goes live to answer your questions about the behind-the-scenes of DC Universe. Jump in to find out what really goes on behind the curtain!


Friday Watch-Alongs (Titans, Harley Quinn): The pièce de résistance, the event that started it all -- every Friday, the Community gathers in the proverbial living room to watch the latest DC Universe Original together, commenting, laughing, and reacting to some of the best dang content this side of the cybersphere. Intrigued? Check out these and many of our other Watch-Alongs here!


Of course, we always have our ongoing conversations that keep things interesting; topics like DC First Word Association, Ask The Question, and What Are You Currently Reading? And hey, if you don’t know where to start, that’s okay -- you can simply come introduce yourself in our Roll Call room! 


DC Universe attracts the best kind of people around -- the kind that love the mythology and lore of our heroes and villains. We invite you to come be a part of the action!