Check Out How You Can Earn Digital Badges in Our Community!

Virginia Applejack

Virginia Applejack

Oct. 30, 2019


The launch of our new community has clubs, events, special guest Q&As, VIP lounges, amazing people; what more could anyone want?


Let us tell you about a little something you didn’t know you wanted, and now won’t be able to live without: BADGES!


DC Universe is launching a digital badge reward program to give each member a nifty little icon to remember your time at DC Universe by. Badges are rewarded for actions like community participation, subscribing, and lots of little easter eggs. Here’s just a few of our favorites:


Gain A Following 


Gain a Following.png


You've got a way with people! This badge is granted to all members who have Invited 5 members. Keep making friends!



Shine A Light 


Shine a Light.png


Way to get the word out! This badge is granted to all members who have Shared a post, like a beacon in the sky.



Good Job


Good Job.png


Thumbs up…way up! This badge is granted to all members who have received 1 Like on a post.



Solidify Your Identity 




So THAT'S who you are! This badge is granted to all members who have filled out their profile. Congratulations on solidifying your identity!



Keeper of the DC Universe 




This badge is granted to all our members who can say "I remember when we couldn't edit our posts, and had to refresh the page every time we wanted to see comments on a Watch-Along!" This is our way of saying "thanks for keeping the DC Universe community spirit alive".




Year One


Year One.png


This badge is granted to all members after successfully completing their first year as an Annual Subscriber. You've been a loyal member of DC Universe, and now, with a full first year of experience, you're ready to embrace anything that comes your way!



Those are just a few of the badges that await you, and we’re working on more batches of badges to come that will reward comic reading, video watching, event participating, and more to make you feel right at home as a DC fan.


Do you have a badge you’ve earned that you love, or have a suggestion for a new badge? Let us know in our new Community!