Check Out 6 Photos from YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS: "Unknown Factors"

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

Aug. 2, 2019


Before he boom tubed away in a flash, in last week's episode of DC Universe's 'Young Jusice: Outsiders,' Metron dropped an ominous warning about Granny Goodness and Gretchen Goode. Were they the same person? Yes...and no, he riddled. And from the looks of the six exclusive pictures we've got from the next episode of 'Young Justice,' it looks like Nightwing's team is on the case to crack that riddle! He and Black Lightning are doing a little covert reconnaissance in the first two images, while Geo-Force and Halo are getting personal with a Mother Box. Plus, we see Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher speeding to the scene -- are Bumblebee and Guardian going to lend a hand against the Light? Also, we've got a glimpse of a scary-looking Apokoliptian baddie. Finally we see a determined-looking Aquaman, a far cry from when we saw him smooching an Atlantean hottie last episode. Check out all of these pics below!










Here's the official synopsis for episode 21: "Dick Grayson and Jefferson go after Gretchen Goode (Deborah Strang) -- only to encounter the ominous Overlord."  


Be sure to tune in Tuesday, August 6th, when "Unknown Factors" hits DC Universe to see what happens.



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