Check Out 2 Exclusive Photos from TITANS Episode 2-7: "Bruce Wayne"

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

Oct. 16, 2019


It's not an episode of Titans unless it ends with a superhero in mortal peril! At the end of last week's episode ("Deathstroke"), Conner saved a falling Jason Todd only to get shot by Mercy Graves with a Kryptonite bullet. In our two exclusive images from this week's episode, we see a pair of pensive Robins: a haunted-looking Jason and a concerned-looking Dick Grayson. Take a look below!





Here's the official synopsis for episode 7: "With tensions running high at Titans Tower, Kory tries to learn more about Conner, while Dick sets out alone to track down Deathstroke – with a familiar voice haunting him."


Be sure to tune in Friday, October 18th when the latest episode, "Bruce Wayne," hits DC Universe to see what happens!