Check Out 2 Exclusive Photos from DOOM PATROL Episode 14: "Penultimate Patrol"

Dixon Gaines

Dixon Gaines

May 14, 2019


Only two episodes of the Grant Morrison-flavored madness that is Doom Patrol's first season remain, and it looks like our screwed-up heroes are finally ready to take the fight to Mr. Nobody. They've added the Hero of the Beach himself, Flex Mentallo, to their wacky roster, and from the look of these two exclusive pics from "Penultimate Patrol," they've hit Danny the Street for some possible help as well...







From the looks of that copy of Mystery in Space that Flex is posing with, it seems like the Patrol might be going full meta in their final few episodes. Or -- since Mystery in Space was home to Adam Strange and a bevy of other sci-fi heroes -- maybe they're about to travel to the final frontier? Here's the official, short-but-sweet synopsis for "Penultimate Patrol": "The Doom Patrol enter the Nobodyverse to save the Chief."



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