Celebrate Summer With the Hottest Characters in the DC Universe!

Alex Jaffe

Alex Jaffe

June 26, 2020


Are you in need of a bit of sunny good news? Well, thanks to the irreversible, indefatigable march of time, last weekend was the official beginning of summer! That means it’s the perfect time to embrace that global warming, and cozy up to the hottest stars in the DC Universe. Let’s get fired up and meet the heat!





Like Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya, Volcana is an original creation of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s DC Animated Universe -- making her debut in Superman: The Animated Series. Volcana is a metahuman born with the power of pyrokinesis, giving her the ability to manipulate fire. But with the heat comes a little sweetness, as Superman sees Volcana as a victim of a military-industrial complex which took advantage of her gifts… a fate which Superman himself may have been subjected to if not for Ma and Pa.


HEAT SIGNATURE: Volcana takes some getting warmed up to, but hey -- she’s voiced by Peri Gilpin. She was Roz on Frasier! Who’s gonna say no to Roz?



Kid Devil


This Teen Titans heartthrob was the former sidekick to Blue Devil, a hero frankly so obscure he makes Booster Gold look like Superman. But like his mentor, Eddie Bloomberg is the prisoner of an unholy fusion of magic and technology which has permanently grafted his ability-enhancing special effects onto him, making him look like a devil pretty much all of the time. Still, he’s always handy when you need a light, and those abs keep him popular with the lady Titans whether they’re red or not.


HEAT SIGNATURE: We’ll just say this: Eddie had a will they/won’t they thing going on with Ravager for a while, and it takes a lot to keep a precog surprised.





Starfire’s powers are more energy than literally fire-based, but tell that to her hair. Those crimson contrails that flow behind her as she carves through the air make her look like a phoenix in flight. And honestly, she ain’t hard to look at when she’s standing still, neither. This princess may be from another planet, but it’s no coincidence that the first gig she landed on Earth was a high profile modeling career.


HEAT SIGNATURE: It is an incontrovertible fact that Dick Grayson is the sexiest man in the DC Universe. Princess Koriand’r isn’t the first name in his little black book with five stars and underlines just for nothing.





Okay, we’re not gonna lie. Garfield Lynns is kind of a freak. Timm and Dini tried giving him a somewhat relatable backstory with the torch he carried for the singer he worked with as a pyrotechnician, but Firefly’s true nature is clear to everybody: this is a man who literally just wants to see the world burn. That’s kind of sexy in its own way, to the right kind of people. But in that flame retardant suit of his, who can tell what’s going on underneath all that? Horrible scarring, probably. There’s a difference between “hot” and “burnt,” and Firefly is it.


HEAT SIGNATURE: He’s, uh… got a jetpack! Maybe he can take you flying, and see the city before he burns it all down. Watch out for smoke inhalation.





It’s easy to see that Firestorm is pretty hot. The one thing everybody knows about him is that his head is constantly on fire. But Firestorm’s heat is a chemical burn, with an ability to transmute the elements in ways only a mad physics professor could imagine. Luckily, the Nuclear Man’s got one of those pre-installed into his head.


HEAT SIGNATURE: The shared nature of the Firestorm Matrix means new people are always popping in to take the lead. So if you get tired of one, you can count on a fresh face in the next series to keep that flame going.





Beatriz da Costa is so hot that her name is literally just Fire. Not storm, or fly, or star, just… fire. Because why embellish? To meet her is to know that Beatriz da Costa *is* fire. In her nature, in her temper, in her passion. It’s frankly surprising they were able to keep her around Martian Manhunter so long without him going berserk. Luckily, she always has Ice by her side to even the temperature out.


HEAT SIGNATURE: She’s FIRE! Come on. Just be careful if you need to shout her name in public.



Heat Wave


Sure, we’ll grant you, Mick Rory may not seem much more impressive than a pyromaniac like Firefly. Maybe even less so, since he doesn’t even have a jetpack. He’s just a guy who uses a flamethrower to rob banks. Hey, genius, you know what money’s made out of? We’ll give you a hint: it’s PAPER. While we’re not sure Mr. Rory has entirely thought his plans through, TV’s Legends of Tomorrow have shown us he does have the heart of a romance novelist. His harlequin writing style, while lurid, is always a surefire way to ignite the flames of passion in even the most frigid heart.


HEAT SIGNATURE: On Legends, Heat Wave is the guy who gives everyone who joins the crew a fun nickname. Don’t you want to hear yours?



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