Cameron Cuffe Talks KRYPTON and His Love of Comics in DC Universe Live Q&A

DC Universe

DC Universe

May 6, 2019


To celebrate the first season of Krypton arriving on DC Universe, this week we invited our Community members to ask star Cameron Cuffe their burning questions about what it's like to play Superman's grandfather, his favorite Boy Wonder, and of course, the perfect pizza topping. No worries if you missed the chance to chat with Cameron --  this Saturday, May 4th, he's hosting a Free Comic Book Day Q&A event on Twitter. In the meantime, you can read DC Universe's full Q&A in our Community. Here are the highlights...


@RobertCFrom48th asks: “What's it feel like to be a Kryptonian badass?”


"Aw, shucks. The cool thing is that Seg doesn't feel like a badass. He's just a guy who's doing his best. He's not like one of the great ancestors, he's not a brilliant scientist nor is he a superhero, but he's a guy that history called upon. When these things happen it isn't about leaping into costume and fighting the bad guys. He's just a guy that steps up; and he is afraid, and he's not well-equipped to face the threats he faces, but he does it anyway. And that to me is the definition of heroism."


@Ambush-Bug asks: “Were you a big fan of DC and/or Superman prior to taking on the role? Also what kind of material did you consult when preparing for Seg-El?”




"I am a huge nerd! I'm a massive fan, always have been. I grew up with Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series, and as a kid that always loved movies, reading comic books was a very naturally segue for me. I always loved them and they were really important to me growing up. In terms of source material that I used to get into character, the most important thing was always going to be the script, but in terms of comic books it was the "New Krypton" arc -- there was some spectacular writing and great storytelling. Also, it was really important to me to see how a Kryptonian society was different from a human one. That story arc juxtaposes the two really well. Also, Flashpoint was immensely important because it's an alternate universe epic in which the stakes are personally grounded and that was very helpful when it came to creating Seg."


@JLWWSM asks: “What was your reaction when you first saw the set of the Fortress of Solitude?”


"Completely awestruck to be stepping into something so iconic, into something from Superman mythology. It was so awesome we were finally getting to tell a story in that place!"


@YoYoFroYo asks: “What was it like seeing Brainiac in full makeup and costume for the first time? Also, pineapple on pizza?”




"Seeing Brainiac for the first time was so incredible because it's all practical! Also, Blake [Ritson]'s voice in person is not modulated. He gives an incredible performance, and he's such a wonderfully sweet guy. So to see him transform into a monster is terrifying. Also, as a fan of the comic books, one of my favorites growing up is Superman: Brainiac (by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank), and it’s very much inspired by their interpretation of it. To see that done in live action was incredible... Pineapple on pizza? Yeah sure, go for it. Why not."


@Vroom asks: “As a knowledgeable fan of the Superman franchise, who is your #1 favorite Superman comic book artist and do you have a favorite Superman comic book series?”




"I think my favorite Supes artist is Gary Frank. He does a tremendous job of creating his own Superman but there are just enough subtle tributes to interpretations throughout the years. Actually, even hints of Christopher Reeve in there. A timeless Superman. I look at pictures of Gary Frank's Superman and think, 'That's my Superman.'


"Favorite series, gosh. It's so hard to say because there are so many different arcs and runs that are truly incredible. But whenever Geoff Johns works on Superman he completely understands and gets the voice. I really adored his Action Comics run with Gary Frank."


@rac7d.82001 asks: “Who is your favorite villain on the show and why?”


"The cool thing about the show is that there are no real heroes or villains, in the sense that everyone has a motivation to do what they do. In that sense, my favorite villain is General Zod, because he's tremendously motivated. All he wants to do is save his home."


Spoiler Warning.jpg


"Unlike what Adam Strange initially thinks, he didn't come back in time to destroy Superman, he just wants to save Krypton. He even tells Seg he took no pleasure in being Superman's enemy. He was just doing what he had to do in order to survive. He even saves Seg's life. I really, really enjoy watching Colin [Salmon] work. I think he's a tremendous actor and I've learned so much from him personally and professionally, and I love what he does with the role. He is forever my General Zod."


@Diego from Twitter asks: “If you could play another DC hero, which one would it be?”


"I don't want to be greedy…Gosh, there are so many, and the cool thing is there are things I would love to do in live-action AND animation. In animation, I would love to have a crack at Superman! In live action, I've always been fascinated by the character of Jason Todd. If I was going to play a villain I would like to play Leonard Snart. The biggest one I would most love to play, if you give me 10 years to age up properly, and dye my hair peroxide blonde, I would love to play Constantine. I think that would be wicked. He's such a fascinating character."


@TriciaSawShazam from Twitter asks: “How does it feel to be part of the DC Universe as a whole?”


"It's an honor. One of the things I love the most about being an actor is you get a chance to be a part of something more important than you. The story is more important than the individual. The definition of movie magic is so many people have to come together to create something where the sum is greater than the parts. When you add something like the DC universe to that it's a true mythology. These characters will last long after me, to get to play a character in that mythology is a true honor."


Many people asked: “Who is the best Robin?”




"I'm glad you asked this question. The best Robin is undeniably Tim Drake. Batman says so himself. There is a quote in one of my favorite ever Batman stories, Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, in which Batman is looking at Tim work, and there are three thought bubbles. Batman simply says: 'Dick thought that being a Robin was a thrill. That's probably why he grew out of it. Jason thought being Robin was a game. It's probably what got him killed. But Tim, all Tim wants to be, is the world's greatest detective. And from what I've seen, one day, he will be.'


"I think his role as Robin is so, so wonderful because he's a positive part of the Batman legacy. And Tim really just wants to be the best detective in the world. Unlike Bruce and Jason and Dick and Damian, his life wasn't touched by tragedy. He just wanted to be Robin. He understands Batman NEEDS Robin. He wasn't the best fighter or gymnast to begin with, but he worked hard to become those things. He is the perfect heir to the Batman legacy."


A big thank you to Cameron Cuffe for taking time to talk to our Community and thanks to all the fans that participated. Don't forget to watch season 2 of Krypton on Syfy starting June 12th!


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