Bugging Out: DC's Many Insect Characters

Kyle Dodson

Kyle Dodson

Feb. 1, 2020


Bugs? Ew, gross!! Insects have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our world, as well as the DC Universe. But don’t call an exterminator just yet. There are no termites or roaches here -- just characters who take their inspiration from the insect world. Let's burrow down deep to get the buzz on five of our favorite insect characters from DC...







Ambush Bug is an incapable villain turned terrible hero with the powers of teleportation and dumb luck. He’s aware of the 4th wall and often breaks it. Hmm… sounds like another character..  You know, the one who wears all red and cracks wise. Plastic Man! Yeah, that’s totally who I meant…


Despite looking like a green mascot, Ambush Bug has joined a few teams including the Doom Patrol and the Suicide Squad. He’s appeared in Batman: The Brave and the Bold series and headlined several different series. In the New 52, he was a roving reporter for Channel 52.







Blue Beetle began as Dan Garrett, an archaeologist who had found an alien scarab. He gave the mantle to scientist and businessman Ted Kord after being fatally wounded. While Dan was able to use the scarab’s powers, Ted could not. Instead, he made his own technology to aid him during his time as the Blue Beetle. During Infinite Crisis, Ted was brutally killed by Maxwell Lord.


In Ted’s absence, a young Jaime Reyes stepped in to the role. Once again, a Blue Beetle was able to use the scarab’s full potential. Jaime has a bond with the scarab like no other and is still learning the depth of its abilities.







Don’t let the name fool you, he’s no Buffalo Bill style villain, more of a man in a silly costume. Killer Moth’s greatest crime might be his horrible fashion sense with his chartreuse helmet, violet shirt, and orange striped pants. He wields two air pistols that are powerful enough to stop bullets… you know, just like a moth can do. He was first seen in 1951’s Batman #68 and despite being a C-List villain, he still makes appearances today.


He was just under the Condiment King on the list of non-threatening heroes, when he made a deal with the devil. K.M. wanted to be feared, so he pulled a Jeff Goldblum and turned into a giant monstrous moth creature called Charaxes. When he wasn’t chasing Richard Gere, he was eating people and laying eggs that hatched clones of himself. Although he started as a joke villain, he's never in mothballs for long.







Like Blue Beetle’s namesake, the Queen Bee moniker belongs to several DC villains. Unlike Blue Beetle, these characters are unconnected. Somebody’s got a lawsuit on their hands…


The first Queen Bee, Zazzala, appeared in 1963’s Justice League of America #23. Hailing from her homeworld hive of Korll, she often battled the JLA attempting to conquer the world. After a number of unsuccessful attempts, she tried a new tactic- economics. Zazzala founded H.I.V.E., a multinational criminal enterprise. It’s not a pyramid scheme, more of a honeycomb scheme. See, you invite 5 villains and in turn they invite 5 villains and so on. Pretty soon you’re chilling on vacation, while your minions are fighting the Teen Titans.


A mysterious crime lord in Bialya was also known as Queen Bee; she did a lot of good for her home country, while also puppeteering a massive crime network. Again, sounds like someone familiar… perhaps an unqualified, evil businessman turned President? Lex Luthor! That’s the one! There’s not much known about her despite having run ins with the Justice League, both America and International.







Debuting in New Gods #9, this “bug” from Fourth World evolved from the micro-life on New Genesis. He quickly through the ranks as he fought his way through the Darkseid’s forces, leading many to believe that he is actually one of the New Gods. Forager grew to be a hit and even had his own young Animal title Bug! The Adventures of Forager.


Fans fell in love all over again with his adorable iteration on Young Justice: Outsiders. He is portrayed as a rounder bug with a small, less square head, and a few more arms. He lends a hand to the team with his strength and his heart and also his two extra arms.



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