Binge This: Every Super-Spy Should Be as Cool as GRAYSON

Esper Quinn

Esper Quinn

May 29, 2020


Though they work in secrecy, you know the names of the all-time greatest spies. Bond. Bourne. Powers. But when everyone knows your name, how great of a spy can you really be? That’s the question facing our beloved boy wonder Dick Grayson as he toils in service of Spyral, the psychedelic spy organization in the 2014 series Grayson.






We’ve seen Dick take on a number of roles over the years: Robin, Titan, Nightwing, Target. The boy wonder is ever evolving, and in Grayson #1 by artist Tim Seely and writer (and former CIA counter-terrorism officer) Tom King, we see him living in the sexy, action-packed gray areas of espionage.






The bad news is, Dick is dead. Or at least, the world at large believes him to be, coming off the events of the “Forever Evil” event. With his identity exposed and the public assuming his death, it creates a perfect opportunity for him to serve in Spyral, full name and all. Equipped with hypno-gadgets allowing for face masking and mental suggestion, Dick needs to keep up his cover identity as a spy, while also relaying information on the mysterious and morally ambiguous organization back to Batman.


Spyral, of course, is a mystery, top to bottom. Led by the enigmatic Mr. Minos, Dick finds himself teamed up with Helena Bertinelli and tasked with tracking down a series of Paragon’s organs, each one granting superhuman capabilities.







* Look, I am not a complicated person. Sure, I like heady spy drama, cool gadgets, and over-the-top missions. But to be honest, all that is just gravy. You put Dick Grayson’s shirtless abs in a comic, I’m gonna read it.


* I’m going to lay a simple sentence on you that I bet you didn’t expect to hear when you woke up this morning. This comic has a guy who has guns instead of eyes.


* Real Grayson fans will be able to tell you all about the incredible self-contained issue #5, which opens with Dick delivering a baby mid-helicopter crash. The rest of the issue is spent wandering through a desert. In the spirit of spycraft, I’ll leave the rest of the plot as “classified” but this issue will stick with you long after you finish.







There’s a lot of problems in the world right now. Sometimes, to put it mildly, it feels like the people in charge don’t exactly know what they’re doing. So if you need a break and want to imagine a world of hypercompetent tactical geniuses in the midst of top-level information warfare (and a fair amount of classic shooty-gun warfare), why not also imagine them having sexy adventures and stealing elaborate superpower-granting gadgets? Sounds like a good time to me.



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