Bad Daddy from Hell: 5 Must-Read Trigon Comics

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Sept. 6, 2019


Are you afraid of Trigon? If not, you should be. Raven’s demonic father from Hell is out to conquer everything in his path, and destroy the leftovers. Imagine growing up with a father like that! ‘Titans’ returns for its second season on Friday, September 6th and the team will have to face the Big Bad, who has already corrupted Dick Grayson. If you’re not convinced the stakes are high, then check out those stories to see Trigon’s demonic rage in action...



“Trigon Lives!”




THE STORY: This is where it all began! During writer Marv Wolfman and artists George Perez's classic ‘New Teen Titans’ run, the team was brought together by Raven to repel an ominous threat: Trigon, who is out to enslave or destroy Earth – whichever is easier. Raven has been trained all her life to keep her father’s dark influence at bay, but even with the help of her new super-powered friends, her training may not be enough.


DEMONIC DADDY MOMENTS: Trigon made a deal with his daughter that he would spare Earth if she forsook her friends and ruled other realms by his side. Although it pained Raven to make this Faustian pact, Trigon decided to go back on his word and attack the planet anyway. Not cool, Dad!


WHERE TO READ IT: 1981’s ‘The New Teen Titans’ #4-6



“The Terror of Trigon”




THE STORY: After years of imprisonment, Trigon regains his power and immediately destroys everyone in the Azarath dimension. He then sets his sights on Earth, and this time his daughter Raven is by his side. Thanks to Trigon’s dark influence, Raven has been corrupted and helps her demonic father take down the Teen Titans. This storyline is one of the most celebrated comics from Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s epic ‘New Teen Titans’ run.


DEMONIC DADDY MOMENTS: Trigon is able to remake Raven into his dark agent of evil, and has her attack her best friends. It's a nightmare scenario for any teenager. 


WHERE TO READ IT: 1984’s ‘The New Teen Titans’ #1-5



“Family Affair”




THE STORY: After years of being presumed dead, Trigon returns -- and this time he’s not alone. Trigon sends his three sons Jacob, Jared, and Jesse to attack the reformed Titans, and help him restore his power base. Trigon's kids get people to invoke the seven deadly sins, which leads to some, er, interesting behavior from the Titans.


DEMONIC DADDY MOMENTS: A good parent is suppose to make sure their kids get along with each other, but Trigon sends his three sons to attack their sister.


WHERE TO READ IT: ‘Titans East Special’ and 2008’s ‘Titans’ #1-6



“A Stranger Among Us”




THE STORY: The Phantom Stranger might be one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, but even he struggles in his confrontation with Trigon the Terrible. Here, Trigon searches the Earth for his daughter Rachel, and the Phantom Stranger is the only one who can help her. If the Phantom Stranger hides Rachel from her father, Trigon will unleash an army of demons to consume the earth, but can the Stranger live with himself if he turns her over?


DEMONIC DADDY MOMENTS: Hide and seek is usually a fun father/daughter activity, but threatening to destroy the planet to find your daughter is a bit much.


WHERE TO READ IT: 2012’s ‘Phantom Stranger’ #1-2



“Heart of Darkness”




THE STORY: If you’ve ever wondered how a being as evil as Trigon came to be, this story reveals his demonic origin. Witness his monstrous beginnings as dimensional guardians attempt to remove Trigon’s evil influence with a device known as the Heart of Darkness, until he takes all the dark energy from it, absorbing the evil for himself. The only thing that can withstand Trigon’s hellfire attacks is the Silent Armor, and he’s determined to find someone to destroy it, even if it means siring infinite children.


DEMONIC DADDY MOMENTS: Trigon spends eons trying to produce the perfect heir, but most of his children die in childbirth along with their mothers. Three of his sons, however, have survived, though instead of serving as a loving father to them, Trigon constantly berates them and sends them on life-threatening missions.


WHERE TO READ IT: 2013’s ‘Teen Titans” #23.1





“At Home with the Trigons”


Tiny Titans 6.jpg


THE STORY: If you thought you’d seen the depths of Trigon’s evil, you haven’t seen anything yet! Journey to the world of ‘Tiny Titans,’ where Trigon is a substitute teacher and does everything he can to make his daughter’s life a living hell! The demonic Trigon bakes Raven her favorite breakfast but forgets to put the cherry on top. He calls her embarrassing nicknames like pumpkin, even after she begs him to stop. Can a demonic substitute teacher get through the day without embarrassing his daughter? Probably not.


DEMONIC DADDY MOMENTS: We saved this for last because it’s quite possibly the most evil Trigon has ever been! He made Raven wear a bow to school, even though she thought it was too cute. He didn’t care how much it would embarrass her in front of her friends, he just insisted she put it on! Trigon, does your evil know no bounds?!


WHERE TO READ IT: ‘Tiny Titans’ #6



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