Ask Dr. Harley Quinn: How Do I Make Friends in a New City?

Harleen Quinzel

Harleen Quinzel

April 30, 2020


Hey there, puddins! Ever wonder how ta get that crush a’yers ta notice ya? Or how ta get yer folks off yer back? Or how ta make the best breakfast sammich ever?! Harley Quinn here to give you all the AMAZIN’ advice y’been searchin’ for all yer dumbass lives – with the help of my good pals (and the writers of my bestselling comic book) Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti! So go ahead an’ spill all a’ yer troubles in my ongoing Community thread, and maybe I’ll answer YOUR question next in this weekly column. Now let’s see what folks are askin’ this week…




Beauty Beholder.png


Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder is a way of looking at something and understanding not everyone can see the same thing as each other. Different strokes for different folks.


Best to remember feedback is just someone’s opinion at the core of it, but if it’s coming from a person you respect, good or bad, it’s always nice to get that feedback and you can choose whether to put it to use or not. Try not to always view a negative opinion as a personal attack.  I know it’s an easy thing to say but hard to do mainly because deep down we all deal with a bit of insecurity, but that’s where people say you have to have thick skin. To get this thick skin, you have to look deep inside and stand by your choices. Be proud of what you have created.


Now, if someone is making fun of you, slow it down and look deeper at the why of their abuse. Are they more insecure than you and have to make themselves feel bigger by picking on you or what you have created? Can they really do better? I think it’s telling when people act that way and it helps me weed out the people I really don’t need in my live. It’s a form of bullying for sure, and I am not a fan.


Now, if someone gives you praise, well, always be polite and say thank you.  It’s that simple. Happens all the time with me. People are always complimenting my outfits. I look fantastic and I like to show off. Thank you.






Bus Stop.png


Well, there was a time I’d just follow someone home from the bus station if I liked the way they looked, shadow their home for a few days and read their garbage to see if we had a lot in common, but the court told me it’s not legal anymore, so I had to try other things. Sucks.


Once you get settled into your new home, make it your business to introduce yourself to your new neighbors right away. Just a simple hello and kick up a conversation with them – ask them to make a recommendation to a local restaurant, where is a good place to shop and so on. You may find that you made a good connection very close by and when they’re out of town, you can use their pool or dog sit or…well, you get the picture.


I’m guessing you’re a comic book fan like me, so check for comic shops in the area and introduce yourself to the staff. In this instance, you already know you have things in common with the people working there. Beyond that, just be social, outwardly friendly, and be open to talking to others. Enough time and good will, people you might enjoy will eventually come your way. For me, my favorite way is to make friends with the fine folks at my local eateries. Gets me a few extra fries on the plate now and again.










That is one of my favorites, but you have to seriously be pissed off at someone to use it.

I just curse like a sailor. It’s fun and a real stress reliever. Of course, it’s all about the time and place, but you get the idea.


The more I think of your question, the more I feel it’s time to bury that vow you made and go back to your old ways. Nobody likes a goody two-shoes. For the hell of it, just make something up and yell it when you get mad, see if it catches on. Express yourself otherwise you might explode. You have been warned.








It all starts with our own definition of the word “normal”, doesn’t it? I mean, if cars honked their horns at my beautiful booty every day on the street, eventually that becomes normal. If your cousin slapped you in the head every week, well, years later, that is something you would consider normal whenever you saw him. Turn the lens another way and people might see it differently. Your dog humps your leg all the time- now it’s normal. Now people can be real jerks, we know this, and a good percentage of them …well, it’s a miracle they made it this long on the planet. You want to understand humanity? Well, good luck, because just when you think you got it all figured out, someone sticks a pack of firecrackers in their pants pocket and runs in circles while a buddy films it. What ‘ve learned over the year is to expect the unexpected and to always think whatever stupid thing you think someone is capable of, they will probably not let you down and do it.


I guess what I am saying is don’t fight it. There is no solid definition of normal and that word should be pulled from the dictionaries as soon as possible.





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