Is Artemis Thirsty for Her Brother-in-Law? A DC DAILY Investigation

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Sept. 4, 2019


If you’re hooked on ‘Young Justice: Outsiders.’ then you’re not alone. Like you, the hosts of ‘DC Daily’ are huge fans of the show, and can’t get enough of all the Easter eggs, theories, and plot twists. On Monday August 12th, Whitney Moore and Hector Navarro invited the hosts of Whelmed: The Young Justice Files Podcast (Rich Howard, Neal Powell and Emily Buza) on to have a geek-out session about the show.


Hector didn’t waste any time. “We've got to talk about Cheshire, we've got to talk about Will, we've got to talk about Artemis. What's happening there?" Will may be Artemis’s brother-in-law, but with Cheshire MIA and Wally seemingly dead, the two have been leaning on each other and working together to raise Will’s daughter Lian. Some viewers have been speculating that love is in the air, but Emily isn’t so sure.




“I want to say nothing's happening there," said Emily. "So we've seen, with this season, Artemis and Will have been living together. She's been helping take care of her niece. It's a whole thing, it is adorable. But Artemis's mom is very insistent that Will and Artemis should get together and I'm over here like, 'No, they do not have those feelings for each other.' Will is still hung up on Cheshire, Artemis is still mourning Wally, we have seen that this whole season. As much as people keep trying to push them together, I think both of them are kind of in a space where they're like, 'I wish I could have feelings for this person but they just can't.'"


Rich could see romantic hints between them, but he agreed with Emily that Artemis/Will aren’t endgame. “There's these moments where Artemis is sitting in the kitchen and Will's doing dishes...while she watches. She can't not think about that, and think about, 'Maybe and what if and yet not really. But I'm not feeling it. But you're a good person...' This makes me feel better that maybe the show is not giving us a seed and then letting that grow. They're giving us the seed and showing us how relationships are complicated."




Emily might not be shipping Artemis/Will, but interestingly enough Paula Crock (Artemis and Cheshire’s mother) does! During the episode “Illusion of Control” Paula encouraged Artemis to go after her sister’s man. If you thought that was inappropriate, then you aren’t alone. “There's nothing like them having that argument in the hallway right in front of this beautiful cute picture of Roy. What is wrong with you Mom?!” asked Rich.


“You don't have that conversation in front of that picture," said Emily, "and try to convince me that Artemis and Will have feelings for each other when that picture is in the background of Will with puppy dog eyes for his assassin wife."


If you love ‘Young Justice’ theories, character studies and Easter eggs then check out the rest of the segment to see some more of the in-depth fandom debates you can only find on ‘DC Daily!’



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