All the Easter Eggs in TITANS Episode 2-09: “Atonement”

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Nov. 5, 2019


DC Universe’s Titans remains a roller coaster, with new twists and turns in every episode. Conner has awoken, but he’s playing rough with San Francisco cops. Dick has finally come clean about why the first Titans broke up, but it’s caused the current team to separate as well. So much to unpack! Each week we’ve been taking a look at the show's comic book references, so let’s break down the Easter eggs from the latest episode, “Atonement.”



Toei Animation




When the team broke up, Gar was left to guard Superboy and the Tower all by himself. Correction: he had Krypto, who is great company, but he was left largely by himself. During the montage of Gar’s monitor duty, he could be seen sporting a Toei Animation shirt. While the iconic animation studio is more known for their anime productions, they also have a DC Universe connection. In 1988, Ruby-Spears Enterprises partnered with Toei to produce an animated Superman series. Toei’s animators helped keep the series looking crisp and fluid, and famed DC writer Marv Wolfman (who co-created the New Teen Titans) was one of the cartoon’s story editors. Sadly it only ran for 13 episodes. It is possible Gar caught it in reruns?



Kane, Nevada




While seeking forgiveness and closure, Dick traveled to Kane, Nevada to face Adeline Wilson. We checked our maps and couldn’t find any city in Nevada named Kane at first glance, so it’s possible the name is a tribute. While some might assume the name is a homage to Bob Kane, co-creator of Batman, it’s more likely that it’s a reference to Adeline’s maiden name. Before marrying Slade Wilson, Deathstroke’s ex-wife was known as Adeline Kane. 



Jericho Post Mortem


new titans 86.jpg


After facing Adeline, Dick had a tense confrontation with Slade Wilson and the two finally spoke openly about what happened to Jericho. If you want to see how the conversation happened in the comics, check out New Titans #86. Interestingly, their comics counterparts faced the confrontation differently, with Dick being the angry one and Deathstroke struggling with his feelings of guilt. 



Sister Rivalry


tales of the new teen titans 4.jpg


We finally got to meet Blackfire this week, and she seems to be just as ruthless as she was in the comics. Kory shared some anecdotes from their childhood, and it sounds like Komand’r (Blackfire’s real name in the comics) had a hard time measuring up to the rest of her race. Kory spoke of her sister having difficulty in the Glass Games and the Two Moons Race, which is in line with everything we learned about Blackfire’s background in 1982’s Tales of the New Teen Titans #4 (story and art by Marv Wolfman and George Perez). In the story, Kory told her teammates about how her sister didn’t have the abilities other Tamaraneans had, and she was considered a freak because she couldn’t fly. Blackfire’s shortcomings caused her to grow biter, which lead to hate and – well, you know what the leads to. All things considered, Kory better watch her back! 



Kory’s Parents




After Kory was forced to finish off Faddei, Blackfire appealed to her sister one last time. When Kory rejected her sister’s offer to be co-queens, Blackfire taunted her by implying that she had murdered their parents. But is Blackfire telling the truth? Komand’r tried a similar tactic to catch her sister off guard during a battle they had in 1982’s The New Teen Titans Annual #1 (story and art by Marv Wolfman and George Perez). In the show Blackfire took credit for the killing, while her comics counterpart blamed the act on their brother Ryand’r. It turned out that Blackfire was lying, and was only trying to get a rise out of her sister. Is the screen version of Komand’r trying a similar tactic? Time will tell. 



Dick Grayson, the Boy Convict




We know why a lot of you are reading this article right now. You’re probably confused by Dick’s actions during the final scene and hoping there’s a comic book that could shed light on what the Boy Wonder is up to. We’re sorry to say, but we’re just as perplexed as you are! Dick didn’t run this one by us. There is a story where Dick voluntarily got himself arrested in Nightwing #100 (written by Devin Grayson and penciled by Mike Lilly). Dick was feeling guilty for letting the vigilante Tarantula murder the crimelord Blockbuster, and got himself arrested for atonement. We doubt this is a reference to that storyline though, so Dick’s true plan is anyone’s guess. We have our theories though as we know you do. Be sure to give your best ones in our Community forum



Honorable Mention


While Hank and Dawn were preparing to ease their stress with a karaoke session, the crooner before them was belting out a heartfelt rendition of “All by Myself.” The song was featured during a pivotal scene in Titans sister show Doom Patrol when Flex Mentallo gave the entire cast a….happy ending…during the episode “Penultimate Patrol.” Dermot the karaoke singer didn’t have that same effect.



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